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WDW Results 25th Jan 2014

Slim: Welcome to another edition of Wrestling Takedown Federation. As always I’m Slim, and beside me ismy co-announcer, Benny.   Benny: This is going to be a rematch from few weeks ago, as Christian Goode will be facing C Double Chris Champion.   Slim: Goode won his last match agains tC Double, but is pissed … Continue reading

WDW Champion Speaks About His Up-Coming Match – Jude Jericho

I am the world heavyweight Champion why am i being put in any match at all !! and let alone i get to face some petulant, little neophyte huh is that how i get ok i will let authorities know from this moment whatever happens to that guy who’s name is not even important to … Continue reading

WDW Presents Ride or Die PPV

Our PPV after Bloody Valentines will be a completely new PPV… Ride or Die! On March 15th, the main event will include all superstars on the roster competing to grab one of 5 cases. Inside each case is a different prize. One will have a contract for the WTF Heavyweight Championship. One will have a … Continue reading

Universal Violence Returns – Murphy Maddox

This Saturday, Universal Violence returns and we will defeat Goode and Masters to EARN our number one contender spot for the Tag Team Championships.

WDW Bloody Valentines 2014 PPV Date Announced

On our next show, on January 25th, we build up to our PPV, Bloody Valentines, Feb 15th. Stylezz and Maddox will challenge Goode and Masters in a non title match. If they win, they will get a title shot at Bloody Valentines. Amine will face Dixon one on one. C Double challenges Goode to singles … Continue reading

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