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Jesse Seedath Shin Injury

So as you may have heard in the tv6 news and also cnc 3 that WTF CEO Jesse Seedath had a shin injury and this has put a lot of fans in doubt, the Wrestling superstar was supposed to make his return to thr ring soon, but with an injury like this it could take … Continue reading

Jesse Seedath Among The Elites Of Martial Arts

On Sunday the 19th January 2014 Wrestling Takedown Federation CEO Jesse Seedath became one of the Elites in his Martial Arts. Sadly the returning fighter sustained an injury to his right shin. During the tournament on Saturday 18th Jan 2014. More on this coming soon. This is Roger Rampersad reporting for WTF News.  

Jesse Seedath Makes His Return To The Ring

Early this morning Jesse Seedath was questioned by Wrestling Takedown Federation reporters on his return to the wrestling ring. He had this to say. “It’s been over a year since I wrestled and due to my knee injury I was not able to compete. Just 2 days ago the doctors declared me fit to fight … Continue reading

UFL Prison Games Up-coming Seasons Locations Season 4-5-6

Season 4 – North Korea Season 5 – South Korea Season 6 – North Korea VS South Korea These two Korean counties have been a great rival to each other since the formation of North Korea and South Korea in the year 1948. Both these countries were earlier part of Korea which was under the Japanese rule. Since … Continue reading

Jesse Seedath Known For Making Deals

This was posted on an article just moments ago where CEO of Prison Games Jesse Seedath spoke on the matter of “Machel Montano VS Bounty Killer For a Second Time” Jesse Seedath “I can assure you 100% that this match was not rigged, we have a very sophisticated method in which the matches are chosen. And soon you … Continue reading

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