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MMA Announcer Can’t Stop Telling Us About His Anus

Danny Mainus lost his fight against Zac Chavez at a Resurrection Fighting Alliance event last Friday. That’s not important, though. What’s important is how “Mainus” sounds when pronounced by Australian play-by-play announcer Michael Schiavello. The video only gets better as it goes along, because MMA terminology lends itself perfectly to anus jokes. Schiavello talking excitedly … Continue reading

Boxing For Health

Boxing for Health, an upstairs boxing gym near Lake Merritt and the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, welcomes all to its well-lit space. From professional boxers, to aspiring pugilists, pregnant women, teenagers, fitness buffs and cancer survivors, Boxing For Health aims to improve health and lifestyle through its variety of course offerings. Whether a boxing … Continue reading

Obesity study: Exercise benefits black girls less than whites – latimes.com

  In a dispiriting finding for African American girls and women, a new study finds that while engaging in high levels of physical activity is a good bet for preventing obesity in white adolescent girls, it does not give their black peers the same benefit. The study, published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent … Continue reading

Best LA Workouts: 8 Unique Exercise Classes To Get You Sweating (And Laughing)

Thomas Jefferson once said: “Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary because health is worth more than learning.” And while we do love reading here at HuffPost, we also know how much Angelenos love to exercise. Life is all about balance, and … Continue reading

Exercise may actually be bad for your heart

Could exercise actually be bad for some healthy people? A well-known group of researchers, including one who helped write the scientific paper justifying US guidelines that promote exercise for all, say the answer may be a qualified yes. By analyzing data from six rigorous exercise studies involving 1,687 people, the group found that about 10 … Continue reading

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