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WDW Results 25th Jan 2014

Slim: Welcome to another edition of Wrestling Takedown Federation. As always I’m Slim, and beside me ismy co-announcer, Benny.


Benny: This is going to be a rematch from few weeks ago, as Christian Goode will be facing C Double Chris Champion.


Slim: Goode won his last match agains tC Double, but is pissed at the results of his last match of the tournament. He very well may have had that match if Dixon didn’t get involved.


Benny: Goode battled C Double in a classic match, and Goode won with some Brass Knucks. C Double has said he understands what happened, and he has learned his lesson.


Slim: C Double gave one hell of a fight. Remember, this rivalry started with Goode giving the low blow to C Double after there 2 on 1 Handicap match against that Tony Merola.


Benny: Oh lord, do not remind me ofhim. Remember, in this match, anything goes.


Goode enters the ring with a mic.


Benny: It appears Goode has somethingto say. Let’s see what Goode has to say.


Goode: I want you people to understandthat I should be in the finals! That match was a JOKE! I had himbeat, but that ape Dixon had to stick his nose in it! It is only amatter of time. Whoever wins the belt has to look out for ME, for IWILL be Cham…


Land of Confusion by Disturbed startsplaying, interrupting Goode.


Slim: WAIT A MINUTE! What is this? Normally C Double comes out to Pitbull. Obviously, Goode does notlike when folks interrupt him.


Goode: Where you, C Double? Get yourass out here! I am not playing!


Benny: Goode is not in the mood…wait a minute! C Double is in the ring with a mic and Goode has noclue he is behind him .


C Double: Hey Goode, Surprise Bitch!!!


The fans are going crazy.


Slim: These fans knew C Double wasgoing to come out and challenge Goode, but We all did not think hewould go this route.


Benny: That’s right Slim. Remember, CDouble got nailed with Brass Knucks after kicking out of GoodeFinisher. Goode had to use the knucks. C Double told us he learnedhis lesson. Let’s see what he does.


Slim: These guys tore the house downwith their first match, and dear God it looks like there are going todo it again.


Benny: C Double throws Goode to theropes and Goode reverse C Double’s attack.


Slim: You can tell Goode is pissedabout loosing in that match in the tournament . He been telling anyand everyone he still the man. Well he better get is ass in check,Benny.


Benny: C Double is fighting like a madman and he does kick out at two. C Double has a big heart and a fightto match.


Slim: He got Goode on the top rope,but Goode fights out of the muscle buster and does a cross body.


Benny: C Double keeps pissing offGoode, and Goode is getting a chair. Goode swings the chair, and Ohhell… C Double is busted wide open and He is bleeding like crazy.


Slim: He should give up. He’s lost alot of blood. I do not think he should keep going.


Goode: Damnit C Double, Quit bitch . Itold you I am Goode… Damn Goode.


Benny: He keeps hitting him he grabsthe damn mic.


Goode: Hey C Double, take this asswhooping as an honor and a priviledge. You are going to lose to meAGAIN because I am so damn goode!


Slim: C Double looks Pissed. what thehell? he is smiling!


C Double: come on Bitch! Hit me harder!


Benny: Oh shit C Double now has grabs abaseball bat and he is staring straight at Goode. C Double startsbeating the hell out of Goode. C Double is about to hit Goode withthe C Dagger! he is lining him up and the fans are going crazy.


Slim he has that wild man look in hisblood shot eyes. Wait Goode has the Brass Knuckles and he looks likehe is waiting to nailed C Double!


Benny: C Double has no clue… oh hellNOOOO!!!


Slim: Wait C Double blocked the BrassKnuckles shot and C Double Nailed Goode with a Low Blow! The SameMove he got nailed with!


Benny: C Double hoists Goode up anddrops him through a Table outside the ring with the C Bomb!


The ref counts the One Two and Three


Slim: oh my God! C Double is bleedingeverywhere he got the mic and is standing over Goode.


C Double: Hey Christian, I got onething to say to you man. C Double kicked your ass Goode DAMN GOODE!!! Pay Back is a Bitch Goode .


Slim: Wow We have seen C Double takingit to the next step. That C Bomb is like a Power Bomb into a pitfalland it looked vicious.


Benny: C Double came here tonight toprove to Goode that He belongs in WTF, and the Fans are amazed with CDouble’s performance.


Slim: remember, he took a lot of shotsto the head and Goode laid it out on him, but He still keep on going.C Double Has shown us that he is the Shot most Can’t Handle.


Benny: What a Match better than theoriginal for sure Slim .


Slim:  And Goode has to stay out for another match!


Benny:  Here comes Masters to Goode’s aid.


Masters runs down to the ring and stands over Goode.  Universal Violence runs down right behind him and yell for the ref to ring the bell.  The ref rings the bell, and it looks like this match is official.  Maddox and Stylezz rush into the ring and commence a beat down on Masters.


Slim:  It’s a two on one assault on the Champ!


Maddox tosses Masters over the top rope as Stylezz pins Goode.


Slim:  Not like this!  This is a travesty!


The ref counts to three and rings the bell.


Announcer:  Your winners, and NEW Number One Contenders, Universal Violence!!


Slim:  That was completely unfair!


Benny:  That’s how the game is played though.  And the show must go on.


Medics come down to assist Goode.


Benny:  Earlier todayWTF World Champ Jude Jericho requested to have some time out in thering tonight because he had something important to tell the fans butmore importantly the roster..


Slim: Indeed, lately he’s beenparanoid now that the #1 contender for that strap he wears proudly isan old rival that beat him to gain the bloodbath championship, withthis being said here comes jude to the ring right now as the crowd isbooing him big time.


*Jude walks down to the ring arrogantlyas the crowd constantly boos him*


Jude: *yells to the announcer* gimmethat damn mic….


*Jude grabs the mic off the ringannouncer and looks directly at the crowd as they continue to boohim*


Jude: Tonight i come to you pukes tolet you know that I WILL remain the wtf world heavyweight champion… *Crowd continues to boo*…. boo all you want because you knowits true, but right not it’s not about me, it’s to that roster in theback, none of you have what it takes to be a world champ, especiallyyou CM Stylez.. lately you’ve been a thorn in my side as well as afew other people, but all that matters is that you have to deal withme come feb 15th, this match is going to be a bloody massacre and itwill be your blood that will be spilled, right now im issuing anybodybackstage with enough guts that wants to face the champ and see whatits like to be 15 seconds away from greatness… don’t be afraid, iknow theres somebody back there that wants a piece of this..


*From out of nowhere the el mariachistarts playing and out comes tony merola, pointing to jude jerichosignaling the belt around his waist, zero crowd reaction for tony*


Benny: Did tony just pretend a titlewas going around his waist tonight?


Slim: i dont know but he better get adiscount double check after this..


*Tony gets between the ropes but getsstopped by Jericho with a face plant ddt*


Benny: Shit tony you dont ever lookaway from the champ, #1 rule of thumb in this company and you justbypass it like you’re the best in the business.


*tony laid out on the ground as judeholds his title in the air*


*Crowd has a mixed reaction due to itbeing tony in the ring*


Benny: Wow this crowd doesnt know whatto think about this because tony is by far one of the most hated guysin this company, he has international food items thrown at him,chokeslammed to hell and he just tries to come back like everythingsfine and nothing ever happened.. does this guy have a big memoryloss?


Slim: yeah no shit benny, this guy isa moron to begin with but what makes him think he stands a chanceagainst the world champ?


*Jude picks up Merola and sets him upfor his patent reverse ddt… and it connects*


Benny: Merola just taking a beatdowntonight with just a few moves…


*Jude picks up merola and he attemptsto fight back but gets a big kick to the gut*


Slim: Tony just getting manhandledlike the jobber that he is in this company, look as jude sets him upfor a chokeslam….


*Jude picks him up but tonys fights himoff yet again*


Benny: My god tony is actually tryingto put up a fight… but look at this, Jude low blows tony and downhe goes…


*Jude goes outside the ring and pullsout a table from under it*


Benny: my god, jude didnt plan onwrestling tonight, he came to prove a point for his opponent on feb15th… Jude now has him setup for a powerbomb and up he goes andDOWN HE WENT!!!!!!


*Jude puts tony through the table as itmakes a huge crackling noise and the crowd goes nuts for judesdestruction with tony*


Slim: the ref is going over to checkon tony as he is no longer moving… is he dead???


Benny: lets hope not, i doubt we canafford to pay for this mans funeral, just dig a hole in the back andleave him there to rot..


*Ref goes to check on tony as he moveshis arm and he is totally knocked out cold as the ref calls for thebell*


Benny: and there you have it folks,your winner via knockout, the wtf world champion jude jericho… weknew tony didnt stand a chance but to take a beatdown like that withbarely a chance to defend himself, just wow!!..


Slim: i hope cm stylez is watchingthis right now because that could be him come feb 15th when they gointo an all out war, this is the final chapter between both of thesemen, do or die gentleman……


*camera pans onto jude as he holds hisworld title up high pointing out to stylez… camera fades*


Benny: Alright folks this next matchshould be history in the making as Superstar Amine takes on thehunter himself Chris Dixon, lately dixon has been living his careeron the short end of the stick but hopefully tonight he can pullhimself back up and secure a victory over the superstar himself.


Slim: Absolutely benny, dixon has beenliving a life of tough choices and he doesnt know what path to takeand maybe tonight he just might do as you said, secure that victorybecause if not who knows where this road will take him..


Benny: with that being said we havedick backstage the superstar himself, lets take it to you dick..



Dick: Tonight superstar you face offagainst the guy whos been having the worst luck in the company chrisdixon, do you have any strategy on how you’re going to beat him inthat very ring?


Amine: *looking in the mirror fixinghis hair*… say what! you asked how i plan on beating this guytonight? that’s your question??? are you f’n kidding me???? tonighti’m going to beat him like i beat everybody that gets in the ringwith me, lay them down for the 1..2..3, as for strategy, if you wantthat go read a damn book, you might learn something dickless.. *walksoff*


Dick: well,,, back to you guys.


Benny: Man did dick just get a harddiss by the superstar tonight.


Slim: enough of dick lets get to theaction as Superstar Amine is making his way out to the ring..


*Coming down the ramp is SuperstarAmine hip hopping around getting a decent pop from the crowd*


Benny: This man is determined tonight,but not only that, just full of insults as he owned dick backstage,who else will he insult tonight in that very ring..


Slim: more than likely Chris Dixon asthat is his opponent as he makes his way out to the ring right now..


*out comes dixon with a crossbow inhand aiming at the target over the ring and he takes a shot andmisses the target hitting a fan in the stands*


Benny: OUCH, looks like he missed andgave out a free souvineer to one lucky fan, just hopefully he getssome medical attention and a tetnis afterwards.


Slim: Indeed, have you ever been hit byan arrow of some sort?? I sure as hell havent and tonight i’m luckyenough not to be that victim.


*both men eyeing each other up waitingfor the bell to ring*


*Ref calls for the bell…. Ding Ding*


Benny: and here we go, both men eyeingeach other up, Amine chalking up to Dixon and slaps him right acrossthe face..


*Dixon looks at Amine after the slapand laughs*


Benny: Did he just smile??


Slim: I think so, that slap didntphase him one bit.


*Amine slaps him again, Dixon continuesto smile after it*


Benny: Dixon is either in a good moodtonight or he just enjoys the slaps he’s getting tonight..


*Amine goes again but gets a low blowkick*


Slim: OUCH!!!!!, and down goes thesuperstar as Dixon is taking the beating to Amine.


*Dixon picks him up and drops him downwith a mega clothesline*


Benny: this man is always on a warpathand always runs short near the end, lets hope he can give or take ona victory tonight.


*Dixon picks up Amine again and pickshim up for a super powerslam..*


Slim: Man dixon is on fire with thisguy, multiple power moves in a matter of seconds, if slapping himgets his attention then he needs slapped before every match becausehes just going nuts on amine right now.


*Amine looking out of it as dixon looksready to finish him off*


Benny: It looks as if dixon might pulloff a victory as he’s setting him up for his submission the Crossbowof Death..


*Dixon has Amine up in the air in thesubmission but out of nowhere comes maddog maddox as it catchesDixons attention*


Slim: look who it is, why is he outhere right now?


Benny: these two men have had it outfor each other for quite some time and now he’s totally distractingdixon, and out of nowhere comes Amine..


*Amine gets under Dixon and gives him aschool boy as the ref counts it off*


Ref: 1….2….3…. *ding ding ding*


Benny: What the hell, dixon had himbeat and out of nowhere maddox just causes him to lose, this guyneeds to make some friends or something or he’ll have the worst timeever in this company..


Slim: indeed benny, this guy just gotshit on yet again but this time by the superstar himself Amine, thisguy needs to catch a big break soon or he wont be in our industrymuch longer.


Benny: Wait a minute, Maddox isentering the ring.


Maddox: Again, a looser Dickhead. Youjust don’t learn, do you?


Maddox spits on Dixon. Dixon kicks upand gets Maddox square in the balls. Maddox doubles over.


Slim: What a shot by Dixon!


Dixon gets up and DDT’s Maddox. Dixonmounts Maddox and starts assaulting him with HUGE lefts and rights! Maddox rolls, and they both fall out of the ring. Maddox gets up andtaunts Dixon, leading him back stage. They continue to fight it outback stage, and Dixon gets the upper hand. They are back in thebuffet area, with tables set up with food on them. Dixon grabsMaddox by the throat and goes for a chokeslam through the table, butMaddox grabs Dixon’s hand, twists it behind Dixon’s back, and GermanSuplexes Dixon through the table! Maddox then grabs the coffee potand smashes it over Dixon’s head! Dixon is busted open, withsteaming coffee burning his face!


Benny: Oh my God!


The show goes off the air with Maddoxstanding over Dixon yet again.



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