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Are You A True Wrestling Fan 25.5

by : Walter Williams

Sup, Wrestling Fans!! Welcome to the historic 50th original AYTWF quiz since 2010. Once again (for the first time in a long time) ALL of the AYTWF singles Titles are up for grabs. That includes the AYTWF Undisputed World Heavyweight Title and the E.C.W. Title, which are on the line for the first time ever in an original quiz. There is no better time than NOW to step up in AYTWF. I invite you all to take a stab @ it!! Are YOU a true wrestling fan? PROVE IT!!

There is a total of 20 questions below.

This is for those who can’t wait for ARE YOU A TRUE WRESTLING FAN XXVI; however, this quiz is fairly harder. A true wrestling fan should be able to answer all questions within 8 minutes without any help, and score at least 85%. If you leave the letter of your answer to each question below (number them please), I will let you know how you scored; however, I will not let you know which one you missed. Therefore all of you fakes can be revealed. I will close the quiz and reveal the answers 72 hours (3 days) after the quiz begins. RULES: 1)- Each time a female scores at least 80%, she also wins the AYTWF Women’s Title (unless she is the reigning Champion); 2)- After receiving your first score, you are allowed to take the quiz once more in an attempt to better your score.

AYTWF – “Show Up & Show Out!!”

If you have friends who want to compete and prove to be a TRUE WRESTLING FAN, Please invite your friends to our new PAGE: The AYTWF League

*If you score 75% or lower, you are still a Rookie… Like TNA’s Ethan Carter III (EC3) aka NXT Rookie Derrick Bateman!! 😛 Get the F out!!

*If you score 80%, you have gained the AYTWF X Division Title; however, you can switch this Title with the Hardcore Title if desired. If you score 85%, you’ve won the Unified AYTWF World Television and United States Titles.

*If you score 90%, you are the new AYTWF Intercontinental Champion!! Congrats!! If you score 95%, you are the new AYTWF E.C.W. (Eponymous Charismatic Workaholic) Champion!! You f’n rock! If you score 100%, you are the new AYTWF Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion. You rule the ring, Dude, with Ruthless F’n Aggression!!

On Your Mark! Get Ready! Set! Goooo!!

1.) Which superstar is known as “The Ultimate Underdog”?

a) Rey Mysterio b) Edge c) Sin Cara d) El Torrito


2.) Which Royal Rumble entrant # has produced the most winners?

a) #1 b) #2 c) #27 d) #30


3.) How old was Mae Young?

a) 70 b) 80 c) 90 d) 100

4.) Who was the first person to enter himself into the 2014 Royal Rumble?

a) Batista b) Alberto Del Rio c) Rey Mysterio d) Dean Ambrose


5.) Who was the first superstar to eliminate 4 other superstars from a single Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination Match?

a) Brock Lesnar b) Batista c) John Cena d) Roman Reigns e) Neither A, B, C, nor D.

6.) Who was the first person to refer to the team of Ryback and Curtis Axel as “Rybaxel”?

a) Ryback b) Michael Cole c) Curtis Axel d) JBL


7.) Which “Old School” wrestler hosts YOGA classes?

a) Diamond Dallas Page b) Ultimate Warrior c) Jake “The Snake” Roberts d) “Rowdy” Roddy Piper


8.) Who did Randy Orton call “The Most Overrated Superstar in history”?

a) John Cena b) Ric Flair c) Batista d) Brock Lesnar

9.) Which of the following superstars was the first to ever compete in a Royal Rumble Match?

a) Shawn Michaels b) Hulk Hogan c) Andre the Giant d) Bret Hart

10.) Which statement is FALSE?

a) 39 Hall of Famers have competed in a Royal Rumble Match.

b) 9 superstars won their debut Royal Rumble Match.

c) Brock Lesnar was the youngest person to win a Royal Rumble Match @ the age of 23.

d) The #1 entrant and the #30 entrant both won the Royal Rumble Match two times.

11.) Who put his Money in the Bank briefcase on the line vs Chris Jericho’s contract and won the match?

a) Edge b) CM Punk c) Dolph Ziggler d) Mr. Kennedy


12) Which of following current Champions made his debut @ a WWE Pay-Per-View?

a) Randy Orton b) Cody Rhodes c) Goldust d) Big E Langston

13.) Other than a snake, what other type of real animal has made it down to ringside for a Royal Rumble Match?

a) a bird  b) a dog c) a pig d) a lizzard 

14.) Who was the first person to eliminate 2 people at the same time in a Royal Rumble?

a) Ultimate Warrior b) Hulk Hogan c) Kevin Nash d) Shawn Michaels 

15.) True or False? Kevin Nash was the first person to be Superkicked by Shawn Michaels in a Royal Rumble.

a) True b) False

16.) “Threatening a fellow executive with voilence” would be grounds for Kane’s dismissal as The Director of Operations according to which page in the WWE Human Resource Policy Handbook?

a) page 1 b) page 16 c) page 17 d) page 23 e) page 27


17.) Who was the first person ever to get up from the announce table and enter a Royal Rumble Match? 

a) Michael Cole b) Jerry “The King” Lawler c) Booker T d) JBL e) Vince McMahon


18.) Which manuever eliminated The Rock from his first Royal Rumble?

a) a clothesline b) The Mandible Claw c) a dropkick d) a powerbomb e) a Trash Can attack

19.) Including The Brothers of Destruction, how many pairs of “brothers” have held the Tag Team Titles in WWE?

a) 6 b) 11 c) 17 d) 21 e) 30

20.) PICK 3. Which of the following superstars will compete in their 6th Royal Rumble this year?

a) CM Punk b) Batista c) Kane d) Kofi Kingston e) Antonio Cesaro f) Cody Rhodes g) Goldust h) Jey Uso

*5 point Bonus*

Gain an extra 5 points by being one of the final 4 competitors to make your picks for the BLIND 5 Royal Rumble competition below.





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