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WDW Results 11th Jan 2014

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Benny:  Good evening folks and welcome back to another edition of WTF LIVE, tonight is the continuance of the trail for glory as we get closer to the #1 contender for the world title, tonight we will see CM Stylez face off against Superstar Amine and following that we will see Christian Goode face off against Mad Dog Murphy Maddox with both winners facing each other in the main event to claim their #1 prize against the WTF World champ Jude Jericho..

Slim:  this is it folks, as Benny just said these 4 men will have to compete tonight and then there will be only two, after that there can only be one and who will come out successful from this this… the only way to know is to find out…

Benny:  with no further interruption lets go into our opening match of the evening..

*Out first comes CM Stylez with the crowd totally behind him, making his way to the ring pointing to the fans showing his love and passion towards them all*

Benny:  This guy right here has made a huge name for himself in this company, and to be one step closer to waiting to hold that title must mean a shitload to him..

Slim:  absolutely and just a few months back he gave up his bloodbath championship in a triple threat against jude jericho and the new bloodbath champ masters, and after that he said why he was giving up that gold, only because he wanted something higher finally..

Benny: indeed, this guy wants to be the face of this company and now he’s preparing for just that.

*the lights go dark… *stage lights start to flicker……. out comes a shadowy figure……… *stage lights stop flickering as the camera pans in on the superstar amine turning around getting the crowds undivided attention as the pyro goes off and the crowd gives a huge pop to him*

Slim: wow did ya hear that crowd, it seems that we have two fan favorites facing off right here right now..

Benny:  indeed slim these two are superb athletes from two different eras, one is hungry and determined while the other will try to outshine his opponent..

*both men get ready as the ref calls for the bell…. (ding)*

Benny:  and we’re underway as both men shake hands before facing off…

*Stylez and Amine lock up in the middle of the ring as Stylez uses his upper strength to get him into a corner*

Ref:  break it up… 1….2……3…… *Stylez breaks the hold*

Benny:  man these two are already showing that neither man will give up their strenghth to defeat one another..

Slim:  indeed as both men get ready to go at it again..

*Both men lock up but this time Amine attacks with a striking knee to the mid section*

Benny:  and there goes amine taking advantage of the opportunity as he attacks Stylez with elbow shots to the back.  look at Stylez as he is taking this quick beating, it looks to be aggravating him more then hurting him…

Slim:  yeah look at the man he’s starting to hulk up a bit.

*Amine goes to give Stylez a double axe handle but gets pulled off of his feet as he lands down on the mat..*

Benny:  and look at styles go, he does an old school tactic like that and catches amine off guard and now he’s just getting on top and nailing some closed fists to his face..

Slim:  Stylez is just one man i would hate to piss off Benny, no matter what you do to this guy, if you have a long way to go down the road with him after beating him down and thinking you’re gonna get away with it, tough chance because he’ll come back and he’ll beat you down even harder..

Benny:  Too true and watch as Stylez Irish whips Amine into the ropes as hits him with a stiff clothesline, listen to that crowd as they are hyped up for this opening match…

*Stylez picks up Amine but he counters it with some mid section punches*

Benny:  ohh an a counter by the superstar himself as he regroups and comes back with some quick jabs all over cm Stylez..  what’s this, he’s now hitting Stylez with some knife edge chops and styles is looking weakened by it..

*Amine goes for another knife edge chop as Stylez ducks under it.. as amine turns around he gets caught with a pele kick*

Slim:  and AMINE is down but so is Stylez…

*the crowd starts to make a commotion as somebody is running thru the crowd*

Benny:  what the hell is going on over there and why is the crowd acting weird all of a sudden…??

*a masked man enters the ring and picks up styles and lands him with an MKO as the ref calls for the bell*

*ding ding ding ding ding ding ding*

Benny:  what in the hell is going on in the ring, did that guy just do an MKO???

Slim:  if i knew any better i know exactly who this man is.

*Masked man looks all around the crowd motioning that he should have a shot at this title.  Masked man pulls off his mask and it shows up to be none other then….. MASTERS!!!*

Benny:  DAMMIT why is he getting so involved lately, Stylez made him the bloodbath champ only to be the next big thing in the company..  is masters threatened by cm Stylez?

Slim:  I don’t know Benny but if i knew any better he just left Stylez a message for his main event match now, hopefully Stylez can quickly recover from this.

*Crowd boos as masters heads out of the ring with a confused Amine wondering why the match is over*

Benny:  What a shocker that last match was!  Amine must be PISSED!

Slim:  Indeed, but the show must go on.  Our next match pits two people who know each other very well.

Benny:  Goode and Maddox have a long history in this company, both in singles competition, and as part of two of the greatest tag teams of all time.

Slim:  Blood and Gutz and Awesomely Goode have held the titles more than, and longer than, all other tag teams combined, but tonight, this is all about the World Heavyweight Championship.

Benny:  Goode has held the Intercontinental Championship and is the only two time King of Kings in WTF.  Maddox is a multiple Bloodbath Champion.  Honestly, I think this match favors Goode, as it is a traditional match.  If it had any other stipulations, I would have to give the advantage to Maddox.  Well, it looks like this match is about to get underway.  Here is the referee for this match.

Announcer:  This next match is set for one fall, and the winner will advance to fight CM Stylez in a ladder match for the Number One Contendership for the Heavyweight Championship.  Introducing first, from Oklahoma, USA… The Goode… Christian Goode!!!

Goode comes down to the ring, shaking hands with fans as he comes down.

Announcer:  And his opponent… from Pennsylvania… The Mad Dog… Murphy Maddox!!

Maddox’s music hits and he comes down, staring straight through his opponent.

Slim:  As always, Maddox is completely focused on his opponent.

Maddox gets into the ring, and the bell rings.  Maddox goes for a quick spear, but Goode jumps over Maddox’s back. Maddox turns, and Goode hits a dropkick.  Maddox is still on his feet.  Goode goes for a huricanrana, but Maddox counters it into a powerbomb!  Maddox goes for a quick cover and gets one.  Maddox lifts up Goode, whips him off the ropes, and goes for a Black Hole Slam, but Goode counters it into a cross body.  Maddox is down.  Goode goes to the ropes and goes for a moonsault as Maddox is getting up, taking Maddox back down.  Goode goes for the cover, and Maddox kicks out at one.

Slim:  That’s what Goode has to do… keep the pace quick.

Goode puts Maddox into a Boston Crab.  Maddox makes it to the ropes, and Goode is forced to break the hold.  As the ref is telling Goode to back up, Maddox with a straight right to his temple.

Benny:  This could be it!  Goode is out cold after that punch!

Maddox goes for the cover, and gets a long two count.  Then, out of nowhere, Dixon’s music hits!  Maddox goes to the ropes and stares at the entrance.  Dixon comes out with a baseball bat.  Goode with a schoolboy pin!  Goode gets the three count!

Slim:  Oh my God!  Dixon just cost Maddox this match!

Maddox charges out of the ring straight for Dixon.  Dixon spears Maddox on the entrance ramp and starts to pummel him with rights and lefts.  Maddox rolls over and attacks Dixon.  Refs come out to break these two up.  Maddox tosses a ref off the entrance ramp and goes straight for Dixon again.  These two are again trading blows back and forth as the go backstage.

Benny:  We need to get a camera back there!

Once the camera gets back there, Dixon is put through the roof of a car in the garage, with Maddox standing over him, bloody.

Slim:  Oh my God!  What just happened?

Benny:  Dixon just screwed Maddox and paid for it, brutally.

Slim:  Let’s see if we can find one of the security cameras to see more of what happened.

We fade to a security camera in the parking garage.  Dixon slams Maddox’s head through a windshield, busting him open. He then rips the bumper off a car and swings it at Maddox, who moves out of the way.  Maddox kicks Dixon in the nuts and lifts him for a powerbomb.  Dixon punches Maddox’s head a few times, but Maddox doesn’t even feel it, as he powerbombs Dixon through the roof of a car.

Slim:  That was fucking brutal!  Once we get an update on the condition of these two men, we will keep you posted.

Benny:  Alright folks, here’s the match we’ve all been waiting for, the #1 contenders match for the WTF World heavyweight Championship..  Both of these man have a huge score to settle from their past and tonight they finally get the chance to take out some aggression for a #1 shot at the prestigious title..

Slim:  indeed Benny, tonight we’re going to witness history in the making as both of these titans finally face off against one another, backstage we have dick with CM Stylez so lets take it back to him… dick..

Dick:  thanks guys, OK CM, thanks to that DQ earlier tonight this puts you against Goode in the final spot to get that #1 shot at the world title, after your brutal path to get here what do you have to say about everything you’ve went thru?

Stylez:  well dick its simple.. I’ve beaten everybody that got in my way to get exactly what i want, that WTF world title..  now you see dick I’ve been in this company for quite some time now and i never really said a damn thing about wanting that title, and you’re probably asking why now right?  exactly everybody’s asking why now and not before this, well that’s yet another simple question, i wanted to show that i could hold just about any title before showing that i can become the next big thing in this company today and tonight when i beat Goode in that very ring I’m going to…. *clapping in the background*

Goode:  so you think you’re going to beat me tonight in that ring… HA!!! you don’t stand a chance against me in that ring tonight, you don’t have the Goode’s that i have and that’s a proven fact, but when we get out there we will see who is the best in this business.  *extends his hand*

*Stylez stares him down and goes for the shake but Goode pulls back*

*Crowd boos Goode as he evilly smiles at Stylez as he heads out to the ring*

Benny:  talk about pissing off your opponent, it seems that Stylez will have it out for him…

Slim:  oh so true my friend, and with this being the final match for that #1 spot, with that being said lets get to our main event right now..

*out comes christian Goode as the crowd boos him all the way to the ring*

Benny:  man what did this guy do to get so much heat tonight..

Slim:  He’s up against the guy who has everything to gain and nothing to lose..

*out comes CM Stylez to a massive pop as he heads to the ring*

Benny:  there he is, the man of the hour, after that DQ earlier which got him into this final match up this is his opportunity to prove why he wants to be the #1 contender… without any further interruption lets get to the ring for our final match..

*ref calls for the bell*  *ding*

*both men stare each other off with Goode trash talking over Stylez*

Benny:  look at both men as they are ready to tear each other apart..

Slim:  if anything Stylez is ready to, Goode just likes to look “Goode” in the ring..

*Goode shoves Stylez back into the corner… Stylez walks back over to face off against Goode again….. Goode shoves him back but this time Stylez goes charging to Goode and takes him down with a shoulder tackle*

Benny:  And here they go, Stylez taking the first shots at Goode and man is he landing them hard on him…

*ref counting for Stylez to get off of Goode* 1….2….3… *break*

Slim:  This is what you go thru when being in a match like this, the stress and build up plus the taunting, this match right here will change one of these two gentlemen’s career once that bell is rang…

Benny:  indeed slim, these boys are just determined to become the next WTF champ…

*Stylez picks up Goode and sets him up for an Irish whip…. Goode reverses and hits him with a fist to the gut*

Benny:  Goode nails him with a nice gut punch as Stylez is feeling that shot right now…

*Goode lines up Stylez with some knife edge chops as the crowd woooo’s to it*

Slim:  GAWDDDDDD those hurt…. somebody give this man some ice from all these Goode chops.

*Goode Irish whips Stylez into a corner and sets himself up for running cross body splash*

Benny:  Stylez ducks out of the day and look at him connecting with some quick jabs to the face…..

*Stylez lands a few more jabs and hits Goode with a bionic elbow*

*Crowd goes nuts*

Slim:  WOW Stylez is going old school on an old school playa like christian Goode, jabs, elbows, what’s next the kitchen sink??

Benny:  absolutely, looks like Stylez is upping his game now with some of these new moves he’s been pulling out over the past few months.

*Stylez Irish whips Goode but gets countered into a poke in the eye*

Benny: and Stylez is blinded by Goode… look at him as he’s smiling that one away, and the ref can’t do anything about it because he didn’t see it..

Slim:  indeed, and the ref just looking away as Goode starts to land some elbows to the back of styles neck…

*Goode picks up Stylez and hits him with a bodyslam*

Benny:  down goes Stylez as this crowd is not pleased with the way Goode is handling this match.

*Goode bounces off the ropes and lands a running leg drop onto Stylez*

Slim:  this could be it…

Ref:  1….2…… *kick out*

Benny:  Whew that was close there slim, but Stylez is not going to give up that easy…

Slim:  indeed Benny, those leg drops are a dime a dozen but they can wear you down in a heartbeat..

*Goode goes to pick up Stylez but gets countered into a small package*

Ref:  1….2….. 2.99999999999 *kickout*

Benny:  OHHH MAN that was close, the most effective pin in the world of wrestling, the small package and he almost had Goode beat…

Slim:  what a great move too, if he would have held on just a little bit longer he would have been the new #1 contender for that title.

Benny:  absolutely slim, and here goes Goode kicking away at Stylez taunting him to get up…

*Goode starts kicking Stylez in the head as the ref tells him to knock it off*

*Goode goes for another kick but Stylez catches his foot*

Benny:  He has his foot, what the hell is he going to do with it now??????

Slim:  I don’t know Benny but he’s up and playing around with him now..

*Stylez spins Goode around and connects Goode with a power clothesline and that sends Goode down to the mat..

Benny:  Stylez is working up the crowd as they are feeding into the frenzy…

*Stylez climbs to the top turnbuckle and prepares to hit him with a spiral tap*

Slim:  And here comes Stylez with one of his many top rope trademarks…. and he connects it as the crowd goes insanely wild…

*Crowd starts chanting WTF WTF WTF!!!!*

Benny:  this could be it right here folks as Stylez is picking up Goode to finish him off..

*Stylez picks up Goode and sets him up for his Stylezbomb…*

Slim:  and up he goes…. but Goode fights his way out of it and lands to his feet…

*Goode pulls the brass knuckles out of his tights while Stylez is blindsided*

Benny:  Ref take a look at Goode, he has those dangerous knucks again!!!

*Goode goes to take a swing at Stylez but he ducks it and hits Goode with a Pele kick*

*Goode drops the knucks as the ref sees the foreign object*

*The ref calls for the bell* *ding ding ding*

Announcer: and your winner and…. *gets cut off*

Benny:  OMG, here comes the WTF General Manager…  he looks like he has something to say..

WTF GM:  whoa whoa whoa…. this is a #1 contenders match, there must be a winner via pinfall or submission, i now consider this a no disqualification match… ring that bell…

*Ref calls for the bell*  *ding*

*Goode cant believe what he just heard and he looks pissed, Goode turns around*

Benny:  And here comes Stylez with a baisaku knee to the face and Goode is out cold…

*ref goes for the count… 1….2….. *kickout**

Slim:  Oh man i thought that was it, this match has all the qualities to become an instant classic tonight and these two men are showing why…

Benny:  Stylez picks up Goode but Goode drops down to a knee and hits Stylez with a low blow…

*Goode gets back up and nails him with a DDT*

Slim:  it’s only a matter of time now Benny before this match is done…

*Goode slides out of the ring to look for a weapon*

Benny:  he’s looking under the ring and what does he pull out???

Slim:  It looks as if he picked out a table, looks like Stylez has met his match tonight..

*Goode slides it back into the ring and positions it into a corner*

Benny:  Stylez has no idea whats about to happen right now,,,,,

Slim:  This is definitely bad news for the phenomenal one right now as Goode is lining him up to put him into that table.

*Goode picks up Stylez and Irish whips him into the table….*

Benny:  Stylez noticed what he’s about to run into and lands his feet halfway onto the table and flips himself off of it…

*Goode turns around after seeing Stylez perform that flip off the table and gets hit with a spear sending him through the table*

Benny:  OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD he just put Goode through the table and both men are down!!!

Slim:  Holy S*@(#* that was awesome, these two men are showing why they both want to be the next WTF world champ, but after this i don’t think either men will be in any condition to compete for that shot..

*Stylez slowly gets up while Goode is still lying on the ground*

Benny:  Stylez needs to hurry up with whatever he’s trying to do and finish this, both men have nothing else to prove tonight..

Slim:  too true Benny, both men put on a clinic and will definitely show their signs of respect later on down the road..

*Stylez picks up Goode and sets him up for a Stylez driver*

Benny:  and what’s this, more interference by masters again and this time Stylez see’s him putting Goode down to the mat.

*Both men start trash talking by the ropes leaving Goode open to attack Stylez from behind*

Slim:  And there goes Goode running towards Stylez but Stylez sees him and throws him onto masters taking both men out…

*Stylez rolls Goode around in the middle of the ring and connects him with a Stylez lock submission*

*Goode is in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go*

Benny:  this has to be it folks, in the middle of the ring in that deadly submission..

Slim:  deadly indeed and what was masters doing out here, i guess since he got Stylez the victory by DQ last time that he’d try and get involved again, looks like this time karma got the best of him.

*Ref looking at Goode asking if he wants to quit but he keeps holding on..*

Benny:  Stylez wont let go and he’s applying more grip to it!!!!

*Stylez pulls back harder and Goode has nowhere to go as he begins to tap*

*Ref calls for the bell* ding ding ding!!!!!

Announcer…. here is your winner and the new #1 contender .. C..M..Stylez!!!!!!

Benny:  Holy shit that was a great match slim, both men pulled out all the stops, Goode looking great as always but tonight it just wasn’t enough to take out Stylez himself..

Slim:  absolutely Benny, both men just taking it to each other tonight, weapons were put to Goode use, and the GM even came out and adjusted the match to make sure we had a pure winner, and Stylez made sure there was just that as he locked in that deadly calf lock he uses on his opponent..

Benny:  indeed, well folks there you have it, our new #1 contender for the WTF world championship, the one, the only, the new phenomenal, CM Stylez…
so long folks…

Maddox’s music begins.

Benny:  Wait!  It looks like we’re not done yet!

Maddox walks up to Stylez, not taking his eyes from him.  Maddox extends his hand… and they shake hands!

Slim:  What could this mean?

Stylez and Maddox call for a microphone.

Maddox:  It seems we know who our next World Champ is going to be.  But what is not currently known is who our next Tag Team Champs will be…

Stylez:  Until now.  Maddox and I are teaming up, and we challenge YOU, Masters and Goode!

Styles and Maddox drop their microphones, and the show fades out with Maddox and Stylez shaking hands in the middle of the ring.



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