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Only One Year Left on CM Punk WWE Contract





It feels like yesterday that CM Punk almost walked out of the WWE after dropping his famous pipe bomb and exploding into megastardom.

A similarly perilous situation could present itself soon for Punk fans.PWInsider (via has reported that, “There is reportedly more and more talk within WWE about CM Punk working as a babyface. Apparently Punk is coming up on having just one year left on his WWE contract so it will be interesting to see how WWE books him over the next year.”

This should be scaring a lot of CM Punk fans right now.

The Second City Saint has teased a not-so-distant retirement in the past on numerous occasions—this could be it.

Punk originally wanted to leave the company back in 2011 due to his being underutilized, but things have obviously changed.

He went from the Straight Edge Savior that struggled to pick up any meaningful victories to holding the WWE Championship for 434 days.

It’s possible that the WWE placated his unhappiness, but there’s also a good chance that Punk may want to take an extended break (of years, not months) to rest his body.

And, as PWInsider mentioned, how does the WWE go about booking Punk?

He had a legendary run as WWE champion, and if he’s on his way out, then it makes sense that he put over a few other stars before he leaves.

Will Punk’s contract expiry cause another controversy, or will he quietly sign an extension? Should he retire, or should he continue wrestling? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.




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