WWE Diva Eve Torres, who returned to Raw last night after some time away filming a new NBC reality show, has been named “Made Woman of the Month” by popular online magazine Made Woman.

The lengthy article goes in-depth into Eve’s WWE career, discussing her evolution from inexperienced, non-wrestling Diva Search contestant to full-time in-ring competitor.

Speaking exclusively to the magazine, the former Divas Champion, who joined the company in 2007, noted how determined she was to be a wrestler, but admitted the transition was far from smooth:

I said if I’m going to be a Diva, I’m going to be a champion Diva. I’m going to change the game…You are sort of thrown into the ring and have to learn in front of millions…I had to learn to tell a story with millions watching and hope people connect.

The piece also talks extensively about Eve’s work in teaching female self-defence classes at the world-famous Gracie Academy in Southern California, as well as her work for women’s charity group RAINN.

Eve, who seems at ease with her status as a role model for young women, notes that she thinks WWE television and the Divas Division are an ideal platform to show off female empowerment to the masses, insisting: “Girls need to see a female figure being strong.”

When discussing her own on-screen character, she adds, “I love the idea of this powerful woman who can kick butt. I’m proud of that.”