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WWE Botches Highly Viewed RAW With Paul Heyman

WWE Botches Highly Viewed RAW With Paul Heyman | Gather.


Once again WWE have let their viewers down following yesterday’s 997th episode of Monday Night Raw. With “Camp Brock Lesnar” scheduled to respond to Triple H’s SummerSlam challenge, everyone was expecting either an appearance from Lesnar himself, or at least a concrete answer as to what will happen at the annual summer spectacular in Los Angeles. In reality, none of these two things happened.

Instead viewers were forced to watch a five minute interview “live via satellite” with Paul Heyman who once again didn’t provide fans with any real news regarding SummerSlam.

As it stands now, Brock Lesnar is scheduled to appear at RAW 1000 where he will give an answer to Triple H in the ring. This is three weeks away. What are WWE to do in the meantime? The only real drawcard to viewers at the moment is the AJ, CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan situation, with a little attention also going towards the RAW MITB Ladder match. With only four competitors in the MITB Ladder match, RAW’s Ladder match pails in comparison to Smackdown’s.

Why couldn’t WWE have Brock Lesnar respond to Triple H at the upcoming Money In The Bank PPV? Something could also have been done at RAW 1000, which airs around a week after the PPV. Another botch surrounds Dolph Ziggler, who appears to have been pushed out of the World Heavyweight Championship picture.

Fans can rightly feel a little let down after last night’s RAW.




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