Can we just be honest about it? The WWE needs Brock Lesnar.
Like the Jacksonville Jaguars need Maurice Jones-Drew, the WWE needs
someone to rely on for ratings as opposed to putting butts in the seats.

harsh as it sounds, the WWE is a stale product right now. CM Punk and
Daniel Bryan are the best thing going today and the best rivalry in some
time, and that too is losing some of its energy.

Call it bad
timing, the lack of competition or the lack of creativity on the part of
the creative team, management or whatever the case may be.

Have I mentioned the WWE needs Brock Lesnar?

that is why the WrestleMania 28 match between The Rock and John Cena
was promoted for a year, due in part to low ratings, lack of excitement
and a need for something big.

Brock Lesnar is big. We all may not
like his brand of wrestling and “shoot” fighting, but he is more than
capable of bringing a new style to the WWE, much like CM Punk did a year
ago and people still talk about it. Fans will talk about Lesnar and his
entry into the WWE again amid the buzz of WM28.

It was a
brilliant move by the writers of the WWE and management. And having Paul
Heyman return was another stroke of brilliance. With two mouthpieces
working in concert, the fans get a lot more to enjoy and there is more
of a chance that Heyman can help with the creative side of the brand.

Another win-win for the company and the fans.

return is still the hottest thing on the market when the company, and
the masses should be focusing on CM Punk or AJ Lee or even the return of
Chris Jericho.

As you can see, I did not promote the Green Super Hero.

you look at it from another angle, Lesnar needs the WWE, because while
he was a big thing in UFC, losing to the smaller opponents in line for
title shots did not do him any favors. It made him look like a bully who
was getting beaten all the time.

All Lesnar does is create a buzz
for WWE that gets the fans to wonder, “What is going to happen next?”
That hasn’t happened in a while. And while we want to see who he beats
the hell out of, we are also quite aware that building him up as the
next huge thing is a good idea, but taking time to do it is even better.

Lesnar is the WWE meal ticket right now for a very successful summer.