Live from Orlando, Florida, Thursday’s TNA Impact! Wrestling opens with a video package recapping last week’s edition.

Dixie Carter and AJ Styles are backstage talking about what has happened the past few weeks with them. Styles says he will put an end to all of this.

Fireworks erupt and Impact! Wrestling begins with a Bound For Glory Series match.


Mr. Anderson vs Rob Van Dam

Your winner, Rob Van Dam. With the victory, Van Dam picks up seven points in the series. A solid, technical opening match to Impact! Also noted during the match was that general manager Hulk Hogan agreed to extend the match time limit from 10 to 15 minutes.

Match Rating: 3/5

Austin Aries comes to the ring right before commercial break. Back from break, Aries is in the ring and asks the crowd who is ready for greatness. Aries recaps the decision he made last week and why he is going for the world title.

TNA world champion Bobby Roode interrupts his promo and comes to the ring. Roode calls him pathetic and to take a good look at what title he is holding. He calls himself the most dominant wrestler in TNA history. Roode says he is only getting an opportunity because of Hulk Hogan and demands Aries get out of the ring.

Roode and Aries tease a brawl but Bobby lays off and leaves.

Claire, who was revealed as the drug addict that Carter and Styles tried to keep secret, discusses backstage what went wrong with Daniels and Kazarian. In another shot, Kazarian realizes his mistakes and walks out on Daniels.

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Sonjay Dutt vs Rubix for X Division Qualifier Match

Your winner, Sonjay Dutt. A terrific X Division match. These two wrestlers have so much potential to bring to TNA, especially Dutt. Exciting, technical wrestling.

Match Rating: 4/5

TNA Gut Check judges discuss Taeler Hendrix.


Bully Ray vs Samoa Joe

Your winner, Samoa Joe via submission for 10 points in the Bound For Glory Series. Joseph Park came out at the end of the match and slapped Ray across the face. Overall, this was a power versus power match but was pleasant to watch. Both men moved pretty well both in and out the ring.

Match Rating: 3.5/5

Park takes the microphone and says Ray is a pure bully. Park talks about his past experience with bullying and says it will end tonight. Park says he wants to fight Ray again, this time at Destination X.

Tenay and Tazz talk about the original version of the Styles and Carter phone call before going backstage to Claire. Kazarian and Hulk Hogan are backstage discussing what has happened in the past six months at Impact!

TNA Impact! Post Show

Brooke Hogan and Ms. Tessmacher backstage. Gail Kim interrupts their meeting and says everyone in the Knockouts division wants to be just like her. Brooke books a TNA Knockouts title match against Ms. Tessmacher and Kim next week.


Rashad Cameron vs Mason Andrews for X Division Qualifier 

Your winner, Rashad Cameron. Another solid, energetic X Division match. I was hoping to see Andrews win but having Cameron on top was not a bad decision. Overall, good match.

Match Rating: 3.5/5

Hulk Hogan is backstage in his office with James Storm and Jeff Hardy.

In the ring, TNA Gut Check judges are introduced. Taeler Hendrix is brought to the ring for her decision. Tazz immediately approves Hendrix for a TNA contract. During Al Snow’s decision, contestant Joey Ryan begins to draw attention in the front row. Tazz and Ryan confront each other before Joey is kicked out of the Impact Zone!

Snow does not believe Hendrix is ready and does not accept. Hendrix cuts a promo and says she wants a chance to fight in Impact! Wrestling. Bruce Pritchard gives his final answer and accepts. Hendrix is now officially on the TNA roster.


Kurt Angle and AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels and Kazarian for the TNA Tag Team Titles

Your winners and new TNA Tag Team Champions, Daniels and Kazarian. Kazarian shocked people by hitting Styles with a steel chair at the end after telling AJ to put an end to Daniels.

Match Rating: 3/5

After the match, Daniels announces that Claire is pregnant and that Styles is the father of the baby. Carter is shown yelling at Daniels as Impact! Wrestling closes.

Overall Impact! Wrestling Rating: 3.5/5


My Final Thoughts:

This was another perfectly fine show from TNA. Fans have raved about Impact! Wrestling’s direction and this show was a great way to recap the month of June with its quality live episodes.

Impact! Wrestling featured plenty of wrestling matches, including two X Division qualifiers and introducing four new wrestlers on the show. The main headline of the matches were Daniels and Kazarian capturing the TNA Tag Team titles. Daniels also put a new twist to the storyline by exposing to the audience that Styles was Claire’s baby’s father.

Not only was the wrestling solid, but Gut Check contestant Joey Ryan, who had been making noise after being denied a contract, returned to the Impact! Zone to confront Tazz. Very real feeling on this one.

Austin Aries once again did a nice job putting over the X Division and cut a nice promo with Bobby Roode.

It appears with the new storyline twist, we will be seeing more of Daniels and Kazarian trying to expose Styles’ secrets.

Overall, a pretty satisfactory Impact! Wrestling with solid matches, good pacing and backstage segments.