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WWE NXT: Rollins debuts, Season 4 alums square off

CANOE — SLAM! Sports – Wrestling – WWE NXT: Rollins debuts, Season 4 alums square off.

WWE NXT (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Tonight on WWE NXT: On this week’s packed show,
former ROH champ Seth Rollins makes his official debut while Jinder
Mahal, Antonio Cesaro and the Usos also grace us with their presence. In
the main event of the seven-match show, NXT Season 4 winner Johnny
Curtis takes on Derrick Bateman. Should be a good one!


And we are TAPED! from Orlando, Fla. Jim Ross and Byron Saxton and
later William Regal and Chris Russo are our hosts. This show is
presented in WWEHD (TV-PG,V).

Match #1 – Seth Rollins (Davenport, Iowa) vs. Jiro (Tokyo, Japan)

Rollins catches a kick and hits one of his own. Jiro with a hard chop
and ROllins asks for another. Jiro gives it to him then Rollins
responds with some of his own. Rollins starts stomping in the corner and
hits a corner splash, then hits the Black Out and that’s it.

Winner via pinfall: Seth Rollins


Match #2 – Jinder Mahal (Punjab, India) vs. Jason Jordan (Chicago, Ill.)

Mahal works a chinlock but Jordan works to a vertical base only to
have Mahal yank him back down. Double underhook suplex for Mahal. He
goes for a knee drop but Jordan moves. He goes for a dropkick but Mahal
moves and then hits some standing knees. He follows with a running knee
and then the Camel Clutch and Jordan taps.

Winner via submission: Jinder Mahal


Match #3 – Leo Kruger (Johannesburg, South Africa) vs. Aiden English (Chicago, Ill.)

Kruger finishes this one quickly with a rear-naked choke.

Winner via submission: Leo Kruger


Match #4 – Jimmy & Jey Uso (San Francisco, Calif.) vs. Kenneth
Cameron (Chesterfield, England) & Conor O’Brian (Grand Rapids.

Usos get off to a rolling start but that ends when O’Brian holds the
ropes open and Jey goes flying through them and to the floor. They
control Jey for a bit but he gets the tag to Jimmy. Samoan drop
connects, followed by the flying butt bomb. He goes for a cover, but
O’Brian breaks it up. A series of nice tags ends with Cameron and
O’Brian hitting the Downcast and that does it.

Winners via pinfall: Conor O’Brian & Kenneth Cameron


Match #5 – Richie Steamboat (Charlotte, NC) vs. Rick Victor (Calgary, Alberta)

Steamboat with a snap mare into a clothesline for two. He goes to
work with a hammerlock but Victor works his way up. Steamboat with a
chop and an arm drag and into an armbar. Big cross body connects for
Steamboat. Jumping back elbow for Steamboat. He yanks Victor down with
the Sling Blade and that does it.

Winner via pinfall: Richie Steamboat


Match #6 – Antonio Cesaro (Lucerne, Switzerland) vs. Dante Dash (Jersey City, New Jersey)

Cesaro with a big gut-wrench suplex on the rather large Dash. A kick
and a nasty headlock follow. Dash to a vertical base but Cesaro responds
with a European uppercut. Big boot in the corner lands for Cesaro. He
hits a spinebuster and follows with the Neutralizer and that’s all she

Winner via pinfall: Antonio Cesaro


Match #7 – Johnny Curtis (Westbrook, Maine) vs. Derrick Bateman (Cleveland, Ohio)

Curtis in control, working on Bateman’s left leg with a spinning toe
hold. He tries to re-apply it, but Bateman kicks him into the corner.
Bateman starts to fire up and hits a sweeping front DDT. Curtis with a
kick, but Bateman fires right back with the DDD and that is it.

Winner via pinfall: Derrick Bateman






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