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NWA Hollywood Television Champion brings the SCORPIO SKY EXPERIENCE to IMPACT

NWA Hollywood Television Champion brings the SCORPIO SKY EXPERIENCE to IMPACT – Anaheim Anaheim Pro Wrestling |

Last night wrestling fans all over Southern California were shocked to see the appearance of Scorpio Sky on Spike TV’s IMPACT Wrestling. Wrestling under the name Mason Andrews, Sky made his debut in the Impact Zone in a losing effort to Rashad Cameron (who wrestles in CZW as Sabian and Jeez). TNAsylum Writers were impressed by the debut of Scorpio Sky. “Andrews was impressive hitting a suicide tornado dive… Andrews fought back hitting a jumping knee followed by a Springboard Crossbody… Andrews hit a jumping Hurricanrana…“

“What will the year 2012 hold for Scorpio Sky… the Skies The Limit,” the words of the reigning NWA Hollywood International Champion Scorpio Sky after his first wrestling match of the year. Scorpio Sky has made a name for himself wrestling around the world, in Japan for Osaka Pro, in England with 1PW, in Germany with Pro Wrestling Guerrilla; he has toured the United States working with Lucha Vavoom and NWA Pro Wrestling. Scorpio Sky first became a television star competing for Wrestling Society X, a Pay Per View Star appearing on the inaugural Urban Wrestling Federation and has had matches with the WWE, was even apart of the Floyd “Money” Mayweather entourage a few years back. Scorpio has become a regular for KDOC-TV’s NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and has been reining TV Champion for nearly a year.

Scorpio Sky is an extremely confident wrestler, “I am the absolute undisputed best, nobody can dispute that and if someone has a problem with that, they can come see me at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.” Sky would make an excellent addition to the TNA X-Division. When the X-Division was created it was about blending the high impact style of wrestling with high flying. Sky has blended a hybrid style of wrestling mixing elements from mixed martial arts, boxing, lucha libre, and grappling to create a truly unique style of wrestling. Scorpio has even competed successfully in MMA Fighting. Blending these attributes in the X-Division make Samoa Joe one of the most dominant champions and could do the same for Scorpio Sky. Previously Sky was entrenched in a series of matches with former X-Division Champion Austin Aries when the duo, were both working in NWA Hollywood. It was just a few years ago that Scorpio Sky went toe-to-toe with Shelton Benjamin. Determination has always been one of Scorpio Sky’s greatest attributes, from speaking on the microphone, to his wrestling prowess, and his physical conditioning, Scorpio Sky is constantly improving and evolving in the ring. Since capturing the NWA Hollywood International Television Title Scorpio Sky has defended the title against the best names in Southern California and has been champion for almost a year. Sky most recently competed against former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero Jr. (who is a part of the Legendary Guerrero Family.) as well as continues his feud with “Milk Chocolate” Willie Mack.

Scorpio Sky can be seen weekly in Southern California on KDOC-TV as part of the NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Sky will be competing on July 7th for AWS Promotions, challenging the AWS Heavyweight Champion Johnny Goodtime. On July 22nd Scorpio Sky will be at the KDOC-TV & NWA Hollywood Television Taping. Lastly, available first on July 29 at, Scorpio Sky will be part of the NWA Hollywood Portion of the Legends of Wrestling Card Game!

Scorpio Sky will be part of the NWA Hollywood Portion of the Legends of Wrestling Card Game!




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