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WWE No Way Out 2012 Predictions: CM Punk Will Celebrate Title Defense with AJ

English: CM Punk WWE Championship MITB in Chicag
English: CM Punk WWE Championship MITB in Chicag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WWE No Way Out 2012 Predictions: CM Punk Will Celebrate Title Defense with AJ | Bleacher Report.


Given the role that A.J. has played in the build for the WWE
Championship Match at No Way Out, it is only appropriate that she has a
significant role in the outcome of the match itself.

CM Punk
will be the lucky beneficiary of all the crazy A.J. has in her tiny
body, as she will help the WWE champion retain the title against Daniel
Bryan and Kane.

While I have had my issues with the way the match
has been built—specifically, the fact that it seems more important to
determine where A.J.’s allegiances lie instead of, you know, who wins
the title. Since we are here, we might as well make the best of it.

Looking at the match, Punk is the only winner that makes sense. So the only question left is, how do we get to that point?

is a non-factor, as he was only added to the match to bring down the
quality that we would otherwise get from another Punk-Bryan matchup.
Plus, he is not at a point in his career where he needs to be champion.

would make a fine choice to be champion, but we saw just how much Vince
McMahon thinks of him as a champion at WrestleMania.

Who Should Win The WWE Championship Match At No Way Out?

CM Punk

Daniel Bryan


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Now with Punk set as the winner, WWE has to do
something to keep a feud between him and Bryan going, since there really
is no other obvious candidate to challenge for the championship right

What better way to do that than by having A.J., Bryan’s former girlfriend, cost him the championship on a pay-per-view?

could drive Bryan up a crazy wall, where he just sits in rooms yelling,
“Yes!”, hoping that he can learn to sell so that skeptics start to
realize just how talented he is.

A.J. is the key to this whole
match—a fact both sad and true. She is going to be the driving force
behind a CM Punk victory in the triple-threat match at No Way Out.



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