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Top 5 Words that Describe WWE Diva AJ

Top 5 Words that Describe WWE Diva AJ – Yahoo! Sports.

Divas: AJ during the November 23, 2010, episod...

Divas: AJ during the November 23, 2010, episode of NXT. Cropped from original License on Flickr: CC-BY-SA-2.0 Flickr tags: wwe, wcw, ecw, 800th, Monday night raw, Friday night smackdown, raw, smackdown (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Lately, the WWE has done a great job of helping a couple of Divas get over by involving them in major storylines with male wrestlers. Eve became a heel by breaking up with Zack Ryder and joining forces with John Laurinaitis. The latest WWE Diva to get a major push is AJ.

After breaking up with Daniel Bryan, AJ started batting her eyelashes at his rival CM Punk. But since donning Punk’s t-shirt, AJ has exhibited some rather bizarre behavior. Literally, WWE fans have no idea what she’s going to do next. Take a closer look at the top five words that describe AJ.

5. Childlike

Even though she’s 25, AJ looks a lot younger. And I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a WWE Diva skip around the ring in circles like she did on the June 11 edition of Raw. Of course, AJ is a complex character and there are other times that “childlike” would be the last word I’d use to describe her.

4. Flirty

So far in 2012, AJ has smiled at Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Kane and Josh Mathews. (Am I missing anyone?) Of course, no child would do that. In fact, she’s done more than just smile at some WWE wrestlers. I’ll really be impressed if AJ starts flirting with Ryback and Brodus Clay.

3. Bipolar

The first time AJ smiled at Kane was a particularly disturbing episode of WWE Raw, but not for that reason. After the incident, WWE announcer Josh Mathews caught up with her backstage. Mathews was in terror as AJ went from looking like she’d claw his eyes out to playing with his tie.

2. Cute

I can think of a lot of words that typically describe WWE Divas, but “cute” isn’t one of them. WWE Divas usually represent one extreme (Chyna, Nicole Bass, Kharma) or another (Kelly Kelly, Sable, Eve). Maybe AJ is the TV-PG WWE Diva of the future.

1. Crazy

Most wrestling fans (including me) are huge CM Punk marks. The moment Punk announced that he “digs crazy chicks” is when AJ’s WWE career took off. Would anyone else skip around the ring, jump in Kane’s arms and kiss the Big Red Monster? She is definitely crazy!



14 thoughts on “Top 5 Words that Describe WWE Diva AJ

  1. I got one more for you: RELEVANT. Right now, she’s the only diva that matters on the WWE roster, and it’s not close.

    Posted by Eddie Mac | June 15, 2012, 9:30 am
  2. I like how are you thinking…and I must confess I’m totally addicted to your articles!

    Posted by jasmine chat | July 10, 2012, 4:56 pm


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