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Impact Wrestling – June 14, 2012: Sting Closes Another Show

English: Professional wrestlers Alex Shelley a...
English: Professional wrestlers Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin at a TNA Impact! taping (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Impact Wrestling – June 14, 2012: Sting Closes Another Show.


Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz


this Sunday’s great Slammiversary show, it’s time for Impact again. We
begin the 2012 Bound For Glory series tonight as well as see the return
of the Ultimate X, which I believe is the begin of the buildup to
Destination X. We also have Anderson vs. Roode for the title which
should be….uh yeah. Let’s get to it.


We open with a video on Storm, who returned at the PPV and is coming for the title again.


X-Division Title: Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin vs. Zema Ion


immediately goes to the corner and is promptly pulled down and gets
LAUNCHED into the corner. Aries and Sabin have a nice gymnastics routine
resulting in Aries taking Sbain down for the Pendulum Elbow. Ion pops
back up and goes for the belt, only to be taken down by Sabin almost
immediately. Sabin comes back with the springboard tornado DDT but Aries
stops Sabin from going for the belt.


gets Sabin onto his shoulders and rams him into the buckle a few times
like he’s setting for an Oklahoma Stampede, but instead goes with an
airplane spin. Since he’s dizzy he can’t climb, so he tries a slingshot
dive instead. Ion gets back in and Aries has to take them both down
before hitting the suicide dive to both guys on the floor. Aries almost
makes it to the belt but Ion makes the save.


and Ion go to the corner and Ion gets rammed into the structure so that
Aries can go for the belt. Ion gets back up though, only to get ranaed
down to the mat. Brainbuster ends Ion and it’s time to go for the belt.
Using his legs to help hold him up, Aries crawls across and gets the
title at 7:23. Sabin disappeared for the last minute or two of the match
and is helped to the back by the referee.


Rating: B-.
This was very fast paced but the ending and length of the match hurt
it. It looks like Sabin is legit injured given how long he was out at
the end of the match, and though I don’t think he was supposed to win or
anything, it didn’t help that he was gone for so long. Aries keeping
the title is interesting, although with Destination X in a few weeks
it’s not surprising.


match Aries gets in the ring and says that he’s been here for a year
and things are going slowly for him. He’s been champion longer than
anyone else but he’s tired of things moving so slowly. He wants to take
respect rather than wait for it….and here’s Hogan as we take a break.
Hogan talks about how he’s been where Aries wants to go and holds all
the records and then calls the fans down for chanting for some reason.
Hulk has never gotten goosebumps like he gets when he sees Aries
wrestling. He’s willing to make Roode vs. Aries for the world title, but
if Aries wins, he has to forfeit the X Title. Aries has a week to


get some clips from Slammiversary, including Joseph Park beating up
Ray. We go to the back at catering with Park eating and talking to some
people about the match at Slammiversary. They all leave when Ray comes
up, wanting to know where Abyss is. Park says he was last seen putting
Ray through a table. Ray turns the table over and says he won’t rest
until he finds Abyss.


TV Title: Hernandez vs. D-Von


the bell Hernandez dives over the top to crush D-Von. A quick cover
gets two and we’re off very fast. D-Von avoids a charge in the corner
and gets his head taken off by a clothesline. Hernandez throws on a
bearhug but D-Von comes back with a shoulder block and right hands.
D-Von starts getting some momentum together but gets run over by
Hernandez with a kind of shoulder to send him flying. SuperMex goes up
top and kind of slips off with a shoulder block. And never mind as the
spinebuster retains the title at 3:34.


Rating: C-.
Not bad here and I’ll give them credit for this: TNA is doing a much
better job of making their titles seem like they matter. When the titles
finally change hands, the wins are going to mean something. Even with
D-Von, as long as it’s not to some schmuck like Garrett or Robbie.
Decent match here but nothing great.


We recap AJ/Dixie/Serg last week.


AJ and Dixie are in the back and AJ says he doesn’t want to keep this going anymore. It can’t be a secret anymore.


Bound For Glory Series: Gauntlet Match


have no idea how the points are working here but the Series is back and
the winner gets the title match at BFG. The participants are going to
be introduced in this match. Up first we have AJ vs. Jeff Hardy. There’s
a new entrant every 90 seconds and the winner gets 20 points and it’s
over the top elimination only. After nothing between those two, RVD is
#3. I’d assume there are 12 people in this too.


monkey flips AJ and hits Rolling Thunder on Hardy as we take a break.
Back with Magnus already in at #4 and Ray coming down as #5. With still
nothing of note going on and no eliminations, Angle is #6. Other than
Magnus this is pretty stacked so far. Angle Germans everyone and things
slow down again. The Pope finally returns at #7 and we’re told that he’s
going to be in Dark Knight Rises, which is only called The Batman


one has been eliminated yet. Hardy is thrown to the apron and a big
boot from Ray puts him on the floor and out. Abyss comes out from under
the ring as everyone closes in on ray. They point out Abyss and the
Monster puts Ray out. We take ANOTHER break and come back Robbie E in at
#8 but there haven’t been any other eliminations. As I finish that
word, Van Dam is out.


is Daniels, giving us Daniels, Pope, AJ, Angle, Robbie and Magnus in
the ring at the moment. Angle and AJ try to double team him but AJ
accidentally kicks Angle in the head, allowing Daniels to toss Styles.
He tosses Angle too and Joe is #10. Joe throws out Robbie with ease and
fights off everyone ganging up on him. He and Magnus have a showdown and
a low bridge puts the British guy out.


jumps Joe but the Samoan and Pope double team him as James Storm is
#11. He immediately tosses Pope and backdrops Daniels, but doesn’t toss
him. Codebreaker to Daniels sets up the superkick to…not eliminate him
as it’s a clothesline instead. So we have Joe vs. Storm now and there
won’t be any other entrants, as the winner will be whoever loses the
main event tonight. Joe throws him to the apron but Storm skins the cat
and gets back in. Joe gets sent to the apron but puts on the Clutch.
Last Call puts Joe out to win it at 20:40.


Rating: C+.
This took awhile to get going but the ending was good. It’s pretty
clear that the simple answer would be to have Storm vs. Roode V or
whatever number they’re on at BFG but you never can tell with TNA.
That’s probably the right move, although I don’t think they need a three
month series to set that up.


talks about being here and saying that the last time he was here, his
luck had run out. Then he was on his farm with his daughter and his
daughter asked if he was really done with wrestling. That was enough to
get him back here and he knows what this means to him again. He came
back to be world champion and now he’s back for good.


Roode isn’t worried about Storm, nor is he worried about Anderson.


wants to know what’s up with AJ. He yells at styles about everything
being messed up with AJ for the last week and tells him to get his head
on straight. AJ says he will.


Miss Tessmacher vs. Madison Rayne


here. Madison rams her into the corner to start and hits a spinning
hair slam for two. Tessmacher comes back with a neckbreaker and a
forearm. A middle rope facejam gets two. Brooke (screw you Hogan’s
daughter) hits a Russian legsweep into an Eye of the Hurricane for the
pin at 2:53.


is with Gail in the back and is talking about having a fourway for the
title next week. Gail complains and says that it should be just her.
Brooke doesn’t like the attitude but Gail yells and says she has a
rematch clause. Brooke says she has the clause and that she gets to pick
the title match. Gail won’t be in the match next week.


TNA World Title: Bobby Roode vs. Mr. Anderson


just past 9:30 so there’s plenty of time. Anderson takes over to start
and cleans house, knocking Roode to the apron and hitting a suplex back
in for two. Roode launches him to the floor and misses a dive, sending
him crashing out to the floor. Anderson sends him into the steps and we
take a break. Back with Roode holding a chinlock followed by a
neckbreaker for two.


knee drop to the back of the neck gets two and it’s back to the
chinlock. Anderson comes back with a clothesline and neckbreaker
followed by the double spin kick. Mic Check is countered into the
Crossface but Anderson escapes. Roode sends his shoulder into the post
and puts the hold on again….making Anderson tap at 10:46. Ok then.


Rating: C.
I wasn’t all that into this match. Anderson came off as a guy
challenging because we needed a challenger. The ending was good for
putting Roode over and it’s probably good to not have Roode win by the
skin of his teeth all the time, but it didn’t quite work that well.


AJ and Dixie say they’ll tell everything next week.


We get a long recap of the whole show up to this point.


We get the Sting HOF video.


Sting to close the show. He talks about how it took him a long time to
get here and how he wants to thank the Jarretts. He starts talking about
the future…..and we’ve got masked men. Three big guys jump Sting and
choke him with a wire to end the show.


Overall Rating: C+.
This was a pretty good show, but I’m really not looking forward to the
BFG Series. I’d much rather have the title match be about a feud or a
rivalry rather than making the match and then putting the feud in,
unless they go with the obvious Roode vs. Storm. That being said, Roode
vs. Storm doesn’t need a three month series to be set up. I wouldn’t
call the show a letdown from Slammiversary, but it had to be a step down
given how good that PPV was.



Austin Aries b. Chris Sabin and Zema Ion – Aries retrieved the belt

D-Von b. Hernandez – Spinebuster

James Storm won a gauntlet match last eliminating Samoa Joe

Miss Tessmacher b. Madison Rayne – Russian legsweep into a spinning mat slam

Bobby Roode b. Mr. Anderson – Crossface


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