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Sting to join TNA Hall of Fame

Sting to join TNA Hall of Fame – National Pro Wrestling |

Sting has been announced as the inaugural member of the TNA Wrestling Hall of Fame. The announcement made last night at the Slammiversary pay per view live from Arlington, Texas. The actual induction is expected to happen in October at during the weekend of festivities surrounding Bound For Glory VIII.


Sting (real name Steve Borden) is a solid choice as anyone to kick off TNA’s fledgling Hall. In a professional wrestling world essentially owned by megalomaniac billionaire Vincent K. McMahon it is hard to find a performer that has had a hall of fame worthy career and has never worked for him. Sting was one of those few men.


After breaking in to the business in Bill Watts’ Universal Wrestling Federation, he became a sensation in the NWA in the late ‘80s before becoming World Championship Wrestling’s franchise player through the 1990s. He continued on with WCW until its demise in March 2001.


Then after fading out of the spotlight for much of 2001 and 2002, Sting took part in the ill-fated World Wrestling All-Stars promotion. He won the company’s World Heavyweight Championship in 2003 before the company folded. As a favor to Jerry Jarrett, who gave him his first real break in the business, Sting agreed to appear a few times for the fledgling NWA-TNA in 2003.


But his big return came in 2006, when he signed a full-time contract with TNA. He engaged in a lengthy feud with Jeff Jarrett over the NWA Championship that culminated in Sting winning the belt, sixteen years after he had originally won that same Title.


From that point on Stinger became “The Icon” of TNA Wrestling, appearing semi-regularly throughout the years. He has given the company much credibility and a boost in star power when they sorely needed it.


Since joining TNA he was won the World Heavyweight Championship five times, the World Tag Team Championship one time and has been the focal point of numerous stories and rivalries including men such as Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe and The Main Event Mafia.


TNA has been using the moniker “Icon” to describe Sting in his latest run, and for once TNA’s instincts are accurate. The Man Called Sting is a true icon in this business. He has been a top card attraction sine 1990, and the majority of that time was spent as a babyface. To keep the fickle fans behind you for that long is a tremendous feat in and of itself. He was THE face of World Championship Wrestling and the only holdout to Vince McMahon’s money after the buyout.

At this point in his life and career he doesn’t owe anything to the business but has spent his recent time in TNA willing to put over new talent and pave the way for a new generation of wrestling stars. He obviously hasn’t forgotten that a lot of people helped make him a star twenty-five years ago.



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