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Reggie Bush says Pacquiao-Bradley decision an ‘injustice’

Reggie Bush says Pacquiao-Bradley decision an ‘injustice’.


Add Reggie Bush‘s name to the chorus of voices who believe Manny Pacquiao was robbed in last weekend’s WBO welterweight championship fight, which went to Timothy Bradley in a shocking split decision.

By Steve Mitchell, US Presswire

“Pacquiao won that fight hands down,” Bush, who attended the bout in Las Vegas, said on NFL Network’s NFL Total Access on Monday night. “Not a question.”

The Miami Dolphins tailback said he was already headed for the exits with most of the other patrons when the unexpected result came down.

“Nobody thought (otherwise),” said Bush. “Everybody was already leaving, nobody thought to stick around. I was saying bye to people. I already knew in my mind that he had won the fight. And when they announced that Bradley had won, the whole stadium’s face just kinda went white. It was kinda like this awkward silence, everybody was kinda stunned. I was stunned. I even stopped walking, I was in mid-stride, stopped walking, turned around and to just double-check, ‘Did that really just happen?’

“I just think it’s kind of an injustice for Pacquiao. It’s sad, and it sucks, but I think everybody knows he won that fight.”



4 thoughts on “Reggie Bush says Pacquiao-Bradley decision an ‘injustice’

  1. saw the fight over and over and the most I see Bradley winning 4 rounds. I had to be completely biased to come up with 4 rounds. Unbelievable. The two judges need to be fully investigated, the fight wasn’t even close at all. Pacquiao school’ed the younger fighter.

    Posted by chris9911 | June 12, 2012, 4:49 pm


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