Since Sin Cara debuted in WWE, he has mostly been involved in squash matches which feel like nothing more than a demonstration.

The definition of “squash match” is: “an extremely one-sided match that is usually over quickly.”

Last night on Raw, Ryback squashed two local competitors, while Sin Cara squashed Curt Hawkins.

While I have no doubt that Ryback will eventually get a feud, I’m not so sure about Sin Cara.

For one thing, Sin Cara is way too mysterious to have a feud in today’s WWE. Not only does his mask hide his entire face, but he doesn’t speak. What’s he going to do in a feud? Use sign language?

As B/R’s own Paul Wiesbaden wrote:

There is so very little information about this guy given on television that develops his character in a meaningful way that he is hard to care about. If a guy never talks, we do not know why he does what he does. Character development in wrestling is so important. Wrestling announcers cannot make us care about wrestlers by feeding us little bits of information about a wrestler’s background. We need to know the wrestlers’ motives for feuds.

Sure, Sin Cara feuded with an imposter Sin Cara (Hunico), but that feud didn’t require Sin Cara to speak. We all knew what the feud was about: real Sin Cara vs. impostor Sin Cara.

Besides being too mysterious, it seems not many wrestlers can work with Sin Cara’s flashy and high-flying style.

Sd_668_photo_046_crop_340x234 Photo:

Besides a handful of guys like Heath Slater, Hunico and Tyson Kidd, who else can match Sin Cara’s speed or properly execute a hurricanrana?

Sorry, but Curt Hawkins looked terrible last night and made Sin Cara look just as bad.

What’s the solution?

Perhaps Sin Cara should rekindle his feud with Hunico. Perhaps Sin Cara should have a feud with Rey Mysterio when Mysterio returns. Or, perhaps WWE should add more high-flyers to their roster and bring back the light heavyweight or cruiserweight divisions.

Whatever WWE decides to do, they should do it fast.

Did anyone else notice the silence during Sin Cara’s match last night? Not good.


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