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WWE Raw Results June 11th 2012

WWE Raw Results for June 11th; Hits and Misses – Yahoo! Sports.


WWE Raw Supershow returns tonight for a highly anticipated three hour episode. Vince McMahon will be on hand to give General Manager John Laurinaitis a performance review. After last night’s three hour TNA Slammiversary event, watching WWE Raw seems like a chore. Regardless, here are the WWE Raw Supershow results for June Laurinaitis, as well as the hits and misses from the program.


Hit – John Laurinaitis and Vince McMahon


Before John Laurinaitis can even finish his catchphrase, Vince McMahon’s entrance music starts and the crowd springs to life. Time for the job performance evaluation. Laurinaitis touts his “People Power” mantra. The two start verbal jousting until Heavyweight champion Sheamus interrupts and enters the ring. He tries to convince Vince to fire Laurinaitis. McMahon ends the segment by telling the General Manager that he better make the show a gainful one or he’ll be fired. Segment wasn’t awful, and it was good to see McMahon. It set up the evening’s main focus very commendably.


Hit – Sheamus vs. Tensei


The two sizable guys lock horns and jockey around the ring for position. The two trade punches and forearms before the former Albert hits a back elbow. A clothesline sends both men over the top rope as they cut to commercial. When we come back, Tensei is manhandling the large Irishman, even hitting a second rope splash. Sheamus mounts some striking and kicking offense, but Tensei catches him by the neck and delivers a sit down slam. Sheamus strikes a Braugh Kick out of nowhere and gets the pin. Despite the uncharismatic Tensei, this match was impressive.


Miss – Tensei Beatdown


We come back from commercial and Tensei is thundering down his Japanese handler. At one point he is kneeing him in the face at ringside, and it looked ridiculously fake. That was a waste of two minutes.


Miss – Santino Marella and Layla vs. Ricardo Rodriguez and Beth Phoenix


After a backstage promo from R-Truth and another commercial break, we return to WWE Raw and we get Santino Marella and Layla versus Ricardo Rodriguez and Beth Phoenix. Ricardo is the ring announcer for Alberto Del Rio. There was a confusing moment when Ricardo was tagged in and it was ruled he could only wrestle Santino. In the past, guys have wrestled women, so for this rule to be enforced now was just kind of confusing. Short uninteresting match, with Phoenix arresting the win on Layla following the Glam Slam.


Miss – Daniel Bryan Promo


Bryan stands in the ring and cuts a promo, hyping his pay per view match against CM Punk and Kane. WWE Champion CM Punk interrupts the adoration fest Daniel Bryan is having with himself. Somehow Punk got the crowd to chant mildly “goat face,” which is bizarre. After a long winded promo by Punk and Bryan, Kane comes to the ring. Wow, this is getting tiresome. The psycho chick AJ comes to the ring after Kane. If I wasn’t reviewing WWE Raw, I would have changed this multiple times already. John Laurinaitis interrupts and makes a match between Kane and Bryan against Punk and AJ. Took us a stretched time to get there, and a ridiculous match nonetheless.


Hit – The Great Khali vs. Christian vs. Jack Swagger vs. Dolph Ziggler


A handful of chops and headbutts for the challengers of Great Khali. The winner of the Fatal Four Way Elimination match will determine who will wrestle Sheamus at No Way Out. Ziggler hits a beautiful standing dropkick on Great Khali. All three men cover Khali to get the pin. Swagger and Ziggler now double team the lone babyface Christian. With Ziggler selling to the side, Christian and Swagger trade a few counters, with Swagger finally getting the Ankle Lock. After Christian gets out and hits the Killswitch, Ziggler swoops in and pins his partner. Christian hits a Edge-like spear and gets a near fall. Dolph is finally able to land the Zig Zag finisher to cease this exciting bout. Prosperous stuff, aside from Khali. I’m happy to see Ziggler get a main event shot against Sheamus.


Hit – Ryback vs. Fillmore and Hayes


Time for the annual Ryback squash, this time with two enhancement guys named Fillmore and Hayes. The two wrestle locally for Chaotic Wrestling, under the names Scotty Slade and Kid Mikaze. I know I’ve seen the Ryback challenge a dozen times, but it’s always entertaining just watching him crush his opponents. Fun stuff.


Miss – Kofi Kingston vs. Big Show


After Big Show attacked R-Truth earlier in the evening, Kingston demanded a match against Big Show. General Manager Laurinaitis relented and made it a steel cage match. Kingston goes right after Show, but the former champion throws Kingston into the steel cage. Big Show picks Kingston up in a slam position and rams the Tag Team Champion against the cage. This match was basically a showcase for Big Show. It made him look like an unrelenting monster heading into his match against John Cena on Sunday. Although the match accomplished what it set out to, I still had to watch this unbearable mess.


Miss – Sin Cara vs. Curt Hawkins


A slight “let’s go Hawkins” chant starts to break out, but quickly does. Sin Cara hits a corkscrew plancha to the delight of the crowd. Hawkins slows down the pace with clubbing blows and an abdominal stretch. Sin Cara back on top with more high risk moves. Sin Cara wins. I usually enjoy the flashy lucha style match that Sin Cara has, especially on a show like tonights. But, this kind of flat lined.


Hit – Heath Slater vs. Vader


In celebration of the WWE Raw 1000th episode in July, Vader made a surprise return against Heath Slater. The crowd really popped for Vader, with many chants echoing throughout the arena. Vader hit a few of his signature moves, but just the sight of Vader was enough to win over this fan. Vader hits a devastating Vader Bomb to end the bout. A great nostalgia moment.


Miss – Kane and Bryan vs. Punk and AJ


This match was less about the match, and more about the drama about AJ. The most exciting moment came when AJ made out with Kane in the center of the ring. Very strange. You have three main event guys who are in a title match on Sunday, but the main focus is AJ and her crazy personality. I wasn’t a fan of this.


Miss – Vince McMahon Promo

Vince McMahon comes out again, this time to decide whether or not Johnny Ace keeps his job as General Manager of Raw. Just as Vince McMahon is about to fire him, the Big Show comes out and makes a case for Johnny Ace to stay. Big Show gets in Vince McMahon’s face. John Cena’s music hits, and out comes the New England native. Cena back with the jokes, this time about McDonalds chicken nuggets. Cena does his best to sell the match at Sunday’s pay per view. A fight breaks out between Cena and Show, and McMahon gets knocked out with a Big Show punch. Crappy finish to a poor segment.


Overall, this show was an improvement over the last few weeks, though I still wasn’t incredibly impressed. The appearance of Vader and the strong Fatal Four Way were the highlights. There are still far too many backstage segments, but I’ve learned to deal with it. I enjoyed TNA’s pay per view Slammiversary last night more than this episode of WWE Raw.




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