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Woodhouse – I’ll be back after my knockout

Woodhouse: I’ll be back after my knockout | This is Hull and East Riding.

CURTIS Woodhouse says he’ll learn from his knockout defeat against Dale Miles and come back stronger to capture the British light-welterweight title.

The 32-year-old was stopped in the fifth round of his British title eliminator by Miles at the Magna Centre in Rotherham, also suffering a fractured jaw in the process.

Edging a contest that had developed into the war Woodhouse had promised in the build-up, the St Paul’s ABC boxer walked onto a huge left hook from Miles which sent him to the canvas and ended his hopes of securing a title fight.

Despite the defeat, Woodhouse says it is nothing more than a set-back and with the promise of a re-match against Miles, he’s confident his ambition of becoming British champion can still be realised.

“I’ll have to learn from this because I can’t go in gung-ho in fights like that against someone who hits that hard.

“I took some massive shots and you can’t keep getting hit like that,” Woodhouse told the Mail.

“I’ll have a few weeks’ rest and then I’ll come back again. I’m a lot of things but I’m not a quitter. I’ll come back and I still aim to be British champion. I’ll get there.

“Dale will go on and win the British title now, I don’t doubt that. But he’s promised me after he’s won it he’ll give me another shot at him and the title in his first defence.”

The pair had knocked out a total of 20 opponents from their 27 combined fights and the likelihood of the contest going the distance had evaporated by the second round as the two stood toe-to-toe, raining down heavy punches.

Working well behind his jab which was bringing success, Woodhouse looked comfortable picking off an opponent that boasted height and reach advantage.

But it was when Miles pressed and came in close Woodhouse found himself having to withstand a flurry of big hits.

Looking every bit a possible British champion, Miles reinforced his impressive reputation as he stepped up his work rate, but by the start of the fifth round the boxer from Alfreton was looking tired from his exertions and it was Woodhouse in the ascendency. Until that fateful big left.

“I was winning the fight, I hurt him and moved in for the kill but walked onto a left hook and he switched my lights out. I didn’t even realise I was down,” explained Woodhouse.

“I got up and said I was fine to carry on, but the referee made the right decision stopping it. Somebody was going to go down in this fight and unfortunately it had to be me. I was hurting him and it was just a matter of nailing another shot but he moved in and nailed me with his left hook.

“He hits like a mule. He’s very heavy handed and every time he hit me he shook me down to my bones.

“I was hurting him too and it was one of those fights, I knew it was going to be a war. This is the game we are in, though, and when you have those little eight ounce gloves on when you get hit it hurts.”




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