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Why I Strongly Dislike Pro Wrestling Halls of Fame

Why I Strongly Dislike Pro Wrestling Halls of Fame – Yahoo! Sports.

The current WWE Hall of Fame logo, which has b...

The current WWE Hall of Fame logo, which has been used since the 2008 induction ceremony. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

TNA Hall of Fame

After just 10 years in the business, TNA decided it was time to start its own hall of fame. Unlike the WWE which inducts at least five people every year, the TNA Hall of Fame began modestly with only one announced member at Slammiversary.

The first member is not the TNA founder Jeff Jarrett which proves that wrestling halls of fame are not what they purport to be.


The first member of the TNA Hall of Fame is Sting. I want to be clear that in no way am I questioning the wisdom of inducting Sting in the TNA Hall of Fame. If there was a full class of at least five TNA inductees, Sting should be one of them. But this would be like putting Willie Mays in the Baseball Hall of Fame before Babe Ruth.

Actually, my previous example is a bad one because unlike Major League Baseball, everything in wrestling is a work. Sting has just made a triumphant return to TNA and he’s involved in a heated feud with heavyweight champion Bobby Roode. Meanwhile, Jeff Jarrett is nowhere to be found.

WWE Hall of Fame

At least TNA has only gotten it wrong once. I could open an outstanding wrestling hall of fame today with the talent that is not in the WWE Hall of Fame. You can check out my article below to see at least 10 great wrestlers who have yet to be inducted. One of them is perhaps the greatest WWF wrestler in history, Bruno Sammartino.

Of course, the other problem with the WWE Hall of Fame is who does get in. But again, this goes back to everything in wrestling being a work. I’m convinced that the only reason Rocky Johnson got into the WWE Hall of Fame was so his son, The Rock, could be at the event to deliver his induction speech.


I understand that the whole entertainment thing is part of what has made the WWE successful. But did they really need to induct Bob Uecker and Drew Carey? I can only hope the TNA Hall of Fame is not someday graced with the presence of Scott Baio for his epic golf course wrestling match versus Eric Young.


It may not seem like it from the tone of most of my articles but I truly love pro wrestling. It just saddens me when promotions like TNA make decisions that are clearly not in line with how most wrestling fans feel. For Jeff Jarrett not to be the first inductee in the TNA Hall of Fame shows why I deplore such wrestling entities.




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