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Who Will Sheamus Wrestle At No Way Out 2012?

Who Will Sheamus Wrestle At No Way Out 2012? | Camel Clutch Blog.

The WWE received some crushing news this past week when one of their top stars was taken out of an upcoming No Way Out main-event. Alberto Del Rio will miss No Way Out due to injury and a Plan B is expected to be revealed tonight on WWE RAW.

News broke a few days ago of a rumored injury to Alberto Del Rio. Once the WWE hit the road this past weekend and Del Rio was off of the house show tour, it was confirmed that the former Money in the Bank winner suffered a concussion after slamming his head into the WWE logo on SmackDown. The concussion will keep Del Rio off the show and out of the scheduled SmackDown WWE world heavyweight championship match.

It is not known yet exactly how the WWE will remedy the situation. Now over the weekend, they wound up booking a Kane vs. The Great Khali match and announced that Sheamus would defend the WWE world heavyweight title against the winner of the match in a cage. Sheamus wound up defeating Kane in the cage match to retain the title.

Unfortunately Kane is already scheduled to wrestle in the RAW main-event against Daniel Bryan and CM Punk for the WWE championship (who would have thought that Kane would be in such high demand in 2012?). One idea reportedly being floated around is to remove Kane from the title match and have him challenge Sheamus. I can’t imagine anyone upset at the change to a straight Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk rematch, although removing Kane kills one of the company’s biggest storylines so I don’t see it happening.

The other thought would be to have some kind of battle royal or Beat the Clock challenge in the beginning of the show with the winner challenging Sheamus. I like that idea much more although there is one big problem with that plan. Unless Dolph Ziggler winds up winning I don’t like the prospect of this one. I can’t think of any talent available that would make this work other than Ziggler (who is available), unless one of the superstars wrestles twice. Christian would be my second choice if the winner is someone who works twice.

A shot in the dark would be to turn The Big Show vs. John Cena into a Triple Threat Match with Sheamus. There aren’t a whole lot of people excited about Show vs. Cena no matter what the WWE will have you believe. This puts an interesting twist to a very old match and presents a new match to WWE fans. The WWE are reportedly planning to give Sheamus a monster push over the next few months. Why not have him pin Show or even Cena to give him a much needed boost of credibility?

One last thought would be Chris Jericho. Jericho is currently serving a company mandated suspension after an incident in Brazil with the Brazilian flag. There is no real set policy when it comes to the length of the suspension so why not end the suspension early and put him in the match? This makes the most sense to me as you don’t have to change any other matches and you can pick right up on the storyline of Jericho vs. Sheamus before Jericho was sent home. What more does the WWE have to prove by keeping Jericho at home when they need a substitute for a main event?

We won’t have to wait long to see what the WWE comes up with to fill in the gap. The new plan will be exercised tonight on WWE RAW. If it were me I’d go with the Cena vs. Sheamus vs. Show Triple Threat Match but my money is on the return of Y2J.




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