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TNA Slammiversary Results 2012

2012 TNA Slammiversary results – Detroit Pro Wrestling |

TNA presented the 2012 Slammiversary last night in Arlington, Texas. Two championships changed hands and WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian appeared. Here are the results from last night:

1. X-Division Champion Austin Aries defeats Samoa Joe.

2. Hernandez defeats Kid Kash via pin fall.

3. Television Champion Devon and Garrett Bischoff defeat Robbie E and Robbie T via pin fall when Devon pins Robbie E.

4. Mr. Anderson defeats Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam via pin fall in a three way match to become the No. one contender to the TNA Championship when he pinned RVD.

5. James Storm defeats Crimson via pin fall, ending Crimson’s undefeated streak.

6. Dixie Carter announces Sting as the first ever inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame.

7. Miss Tessmacher defeats Knockouts Champion Gail Kim via pin fall to win the title.
8. Joseph Park defeats Bully Ray via pin fall after interference from ‘Abyss’.

9. WWE superstar Christian is introduced by Hulk Hogan. Christian puts over TNA’s ten year anniversary and makes a remark about the ring having less sides that he remembers.

10. Kurt Angle and AJ Styles defeat Tag Team Champions Christopher Daniels and Kazarian via submission when Angle forces Kaz to tap, thus Angle and Styles win the titles.

11. TNA Champion Bobby Roode defeats Sting via pin fall after hitting him over the head with a beer bottle that was at ring side. After the match, Sting gives Roode a Scorpion Death Drop through a table.

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