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Five Superstars that WWE Should Push

Five Superstars that WWE Should Push – Yahoo! Sports.


It is no secret that the World Wrestling Entertainment roster has been dwindling as of late. With suspensions to top stars such as Randy Orton and Chris Jericho and injuries to the likes of Alberto Del Rio and R-Truth, along with a continued and increased reliance on the major names to carry the load, WWE currently finds itself in quite a quandary, especially with Monday Night Raw expanding to three hours soon. As a result, I decided to put together a list of five superstars that I believe WWE should push.


Superstar #5: Tyson Kidd


Kidd is not the greatest talker in the business today, but he is among the best in-ring competitors in all of professional wrestling, so much so that some have gone as far as to call him the MVP of Superstars, which airs every Thursday on While it is a shame that Kidd is generally relegated to appearances on Superstars and NXT, he has had his working boots on for several months now and has made the most of his opportunities, which have been few and far in between, at least as it pertains to the two major shows, Raw and Friday Night Smackdown. If he were to be given a bigger role, he would likely steal those shows week in and week out.


Superstar #4: Zack Ryder


Many now feel that the Ryder Revolution is basically over, given the way the company has treated him over the past few months, putting him in abominable storylines like the John Cena/Kane/Eve one he was involved in leading up to WrestleMania 28 and jobbing him out to make him an even greater joke than he was following that angle. However, Ryder has remained over with a large portion of the fans, thanks to his hit YouTube show and his undying passion for the business. Add to that the fact that he is solid on the microphone and a very capable worker and Ryder appears to be an appealing option.


Superstar #3: Alex Riley


Remember about a year ago when Riley was garnering some of the loudest reactions of anyone in WWE and looked to be well on his way to the top of the card? Well, he was. WWE failed to capitalize on A-Ry’s momentum, though (ironically, it botched the push of his former mentor, The Miz, as well). Although he has recently appeared on WWE television, albeit in squash matches versus the likes of Brodus Clay and Tensai as well as in a backstage segment in which he was beaten up by the Big Show, he is nowhere near where he was this time last year. Riley isn’t as competent in the ring as the other guys on this list, but he has improved, and he definitely has the look and the swagger to be a main eventer one day.


Superstar #2: Drew McIntyre

If I had my own Fave Five like SmackDown commentator Booker T, McIntyre would certainly be in it. I have been a fan of his ever since his early days on SmackDown, when he was deemed “The Chosen One” by Vince McMahon and enjoyed an impressive Intercontinental Championship reign, defending against such superstars as John Morrison, Kane, and Matt Hardy. McIntyre’s Scottish accent makes him difficult to understand at times, but he knows how to work the stick and his in-ring acumen gets better with each and every match that he appears in.


Superstar #1: Dean Ambrose


The lone member of this list who is not currently on the WWE roster and is instead working in its developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling, Ambrose has been highly-touted ever since he debuted in FCW in July of last year. Over the past few months, he has engaged in a war of words with WWE legend Mick Foley. While the verbal spats and Twitter exchanges have been rumored to be a part of a future storyline, which is probably true, to me the time is now for WWE to bring Ambrose to the big leagues and give him a major push right off the bat.


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