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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sup, Wrestling Fans!! Indeed it is the 10th year of TNA and the Slammiversary PPV has been around since the beginning. Thus, tonight’s PPV will be Slammiversary 10. We weren’t lucky enough to have the King of the Mountain Match revived this year, and that’s really sad because this card sucks major ass. “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan is back as the new General Manager, but the Pay-Per-Views aren’t really picking up. Instead, they are getting worse. We really need some new rivalries in TNA. The best thing that I can say about this Pay-Per-View is that they are giving us 9 matches… THE END!!

~ Lee

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STING VS (C) BOBBY ROODE FOR THE TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE Sting recently returned after an extremely short break to defeat Bobby Roode. He even forced Roode to tap out to the Scorpion Deathlock this past Thursday night on Impact to win the 6 man Tag Team Main Event. There is absolutely no way that Sting is going to beat Roode 2 times in a Row, then take his World Title. There is just NO WAY… He COULD possibly win this match, but he will not become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Besides, who REALLY wants to see Sting as World Champ AGAIN right now? What I really want to see is Sting give up his Title shot tonight to James Storm as Storm returns to take back that Title that should have been his all along; however, that’s stretching it a little for a simple prediction… lol!! I WANT to think that Roode is going to go back to what helped him keep his belt in the beginning of his reign: causing himself to be counted out or disqualified. In the end, I’ve gotta say that I predict that Bobby Roode will be victorious and retain the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

ROB VAN DAM VS JEFF HARDY VS MR. ANDERSON IN A 3 WAY MATCH TO NAME THE #1 CONTINDER FOR THE TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE (will get a World Title shot Thursday on Impact) It’s tiring to keep having to watch these guys work BASICALLY the same storyline month-in and month-out. My predictions for this match was pretty easy, knowing that RVD has already had his chance. That leaves Anderson & Hardy. TNA SHOULD give the fans what they want and make Jeff Hardy the new World Champ. One thing that I AM ABSOLUTELY SURE OF, is the fact that the winner of this match will INDEED become World Champ this upcoming Thursday on Impact (that is if Sting doesn’t give his shot to James Storm tonight). Mr. Anderson recently returned and was seeking revenge against Bobby Roode for hitting him with a beer bottle; however, he failed as the World Champ managed to defeat him. Since then, Mr. Anderson hasn’t had another one on one match with Roode. He still deserves revenge. Furthermore, he managed to defeat Jeff Hardy at the last Pay-Per-View. That should’ve AUTOMATICALLY made him the new #1 continder. Finally, even Mr. Anderson’s confidence this past Thursday night on Impact ensured me that he is going to become our TNA World Champ for a third time. All of that being said, I predict that Mr. Anderson will win the match and go on to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion this Thursday night on Impact.

AJ STYLES & KURT ANGLE VS (C) KAZARIAN & CHRISTOPHER DANIELS FOR THE TNA WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES I predicted this match last month. Nevertheless, my feelings about the outcome have been altered. I would LOVE to see Angle & AJ as the TNA World Tag Team Champs; however, I believe that we are on the verge of a AJ Styles heel turn. Everything that has happened in recent weeks with this AJ/Dixie Carter situation makes me think that AJ is gonna become a bad guy, then get back to kicking ass (cause he has been complete trash for a year or so). That doesn’t mean that I think AJ and Dixie are having some sort of relationship, because I DON’T. I think they are possibly just planning something special for Dixie’s husband, Serg. However, I feel like all of this crap from Daniels and Kazarian and now even Serg is going to send AJ over the edge. If you put all of that into a match like this, then it usually ends with AJ screwing something up and causing his team to lose. I personally think that he is going to just snap and lay Angle out before making his exit. That would lead to either Daniels or Kaz getting the pinfall victory. I am looking for THIS match to be the biggest shocker of the evening. I predict that Kazarian & Christopher Daniels will be the winners as they retain their TNA World Tag Team Titles.

SAMOA JOE VS X DIVISION CHAMP AUSTIN ARIES IN A NON TITLE MATCH This match should be a good one. A Double was very impressive in his attempt to end Crimson’s undefeated streak this past Thursday night on Impact, and I am very interested in seeing how he fairs off against a guy like Samoa Joe. Sadly, there is a 225lb weight limit for the X Division, thus the X Division Title WILL NOT be on the line. It would have been nice to see Joe take Austin Aries’s Title. I can’t see Aries delivering a Brainbuster to Samoa Joe, and I CERTAINLY can’t see him forcing Joe to tap out. That being said, I predict that Samoa Joe will be the victor.

BULLY RAY VS JOSEPH PARK So… I didn’t know that Joseph Park is actually ABYSS. That was a huge shocker for me when I found out that little bit of info earlier this week. Had I not known that, then my prediction for this match would have sounded so ridiculous… LMFAO-SORRY FOR PARTY ROCKING!! 😛 Abyss threatened to show Bully Ray and Joseph how ALIVE he really is this past Thursday night on Impact. I am extremely curious to see what’s gonna happen tonight. I initially thought that Abyss would come out tonight and beat up Joseph and cause him to lose the match; however, THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!! Thus, I have to go with the idea of a Joseph Park/Abyss transformation. I think that Abyss will shock Bully Ray as he reveals that Joseph park is really HIM. That will lead to Abyss defeating a shocked Bully Ray. I predict that Abyss or “Joseph Park” will pick up the wictory.

CRIMSON’S OPEN CHALLENGE Our Knockout’s Tag Team Champions are not on the card, tonight. It seems like they NEVER are; however, somehow we end up seeing at least one of them in battle anyways. Crimson has been in a rivalry with Eric Young and ODB for a little while now. I remember when he actually pushed ODB. AND, a couple of weeks ago the three of them eliminated each other at one time during the Open Fight Night Wild Card Battle Royal. Thus, I ultimately think that either both ODB & Eric Young will be his opponents in perhaps a Handicap Tag Match, or he will fight only one of them. Either way… in the end, I predict that Crimson will win and remain undefeated.

MISS TESSMACHER VS (C) GAIL KIM FOR THE TNA KNOCKOUT’S TITLE Gail Kim mentioned this past Thursday night on Impact that she is a legend in this company. She was right. And Brooke Tessmacher is basically a rookie. That makes this kinda the David/Golaith battle. Miss Tessmacher has defeated Gail numerous times over the past two months, and I think that was to prove to us fans that she may JUST be ready… a new costume, a new entrance, a sorta breakaway from Tara this past Thursday night on Impact as they went at it during the #1 continder 4 way, and even a name change (from Brooke Tessmacher back to Miss Tessmacher). Oh yea!! It’s obvious that TNA has big plans for this young lady. I predict that Miss Tessmacher will be victorious and win her very 1st Knockout’s Title.

ROBBIE E & ROBBIE T VS TELEVISION CHAMP DEVON & GARETT BISCHOFF I felt this match coming up. I’m not really interested in this one. I really wish Devon would just move on… I wanna take this space to talk about MADISON RAYNE. In case you didn’t notice, she came out onto the stage and started putting on lip gloss or something during the match involving these four superstars this past Thursday night on Impact. She is certainly intersted in ONE of these guys. Unless it’s Earl Hebner she’s after. lol!! I knew it was one of these guys, because she only stopped doing the same thing on stage after Robbie E and T were eliminated from the recent Open Fight Night Wild Card Battle Royal. I personally think that she is gonna come between the Robbies. Hopefully, it will happen tonight. That could lead to Devon & Garett being victorious, huh? I predict that Devon & Garett Bischoff will pick up the win.

KID KASH VS HERNANDEZ Who on earth knows where this match came from? It seems to me to be some sort of response to WWE’s pre-show battles. This should be the first match. It’s only there to get the crowd excited for the PPV. Most likely, Kid Kash wins just to get the crowd excited going into the PPV, since by the end of the night (with Bobby Roode retaining the World Title in horrible, ridiculous fashion), everyone will be pissed!! I predict that Kid Kash will get the win.

THE VERY 1ST EVER INDUCTEE INTO THE TNA HALL OF FAME WILL BE ANNOUNCED!! There are so many possibilities: Sting, Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Tazz, Mike Teenay, Earl Hebner, Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash… The first thing that I considered while attempting to predict this is the fact that when it comes to Hall of Famers- you think of someone that’s atleast about 40 years old. That being said, I wouldn’t look foward to seeing someone like AJ Styles or Matt Morgan being inducted into the Hall of Fame. GET OVER YOURSELF!! 😛 I actually DON’T really have to predict this one. It was recently stated on Dixie Carter’s Facebook Page that Christian Cage (age 38) will be at Slammiversary. I can’t think of any other reason for Cage (WWE’s Intercontinental Champion) to be @ Slammiversary other than to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. WWE inducted Flair (of the 4 Horsemen) while he was in TNA, so why don’t TNA induct Cage while he is in WWE? I love it!! I predict that Christian Cage will be named the 1st inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame.




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