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Pacquiao’s Loss Is God’s Will, Says Wife

Pacquiao’s loss is God’s will, says wife.

MANILA, Philippines – The shocking loss of boxing icon Manny Pacquiao to American boxer Timothy Bradley Jr. has a deeper, more spiritual context, according to the Filipino superstar’s wife.

After the Las Vegas bout on Saturday, June 9 (Sunday, June 10 in Manila), Pacquiao’s wife Jinkee told “The Buzz,” an entertainment show on ABS-CBN, that his loss was part of God’s will.

Jinkee watched the fight live at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas with their two sons and was seen crying when cameras panned at her direction after the upsetting result was announced.

She said in the TV interview that the Pacquiao family prayed together at the locker room after the match.

“It’s ok, mommy, he’s still the winner,” were the comforting words of son Michael, shared Jinkee. These made her cry some more, she said, sounding touched.

Leaving it to God

Unlike in the 2011 fight with Juan Manuel Marquez when the Pacquaiaos’ marriage was in shambles, this time the couple are bonded by their faith.

The boxing icon said his preparation for the bout with Bradley was not distracted by previous vices, including women. “I’m 100% focused,” he had said before the fight.

Manny Pacquiao has been holding Bible studies and had repeatedly said before the fight that the result of the match with Bradley would be God’s will. He had said that he has enough strength because his power came from God.

After the loss, several fans are not convinced, slamming Pacquiao’s new-found faith.

Some cite the judges’ decision to favor Bradley despite Pacquaio’s scores as the culprit, not Pacquiao’s faith.

Others stressed that this is “a test of his faith.”

A rematch is being ironed out. 


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