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November Rematch For Pacquiao

November rematch for Pacquiao – SuperSport – Boxing.

Manny Pacquiao could face Timothy Bradley again in November after losing his WBO welterweight title to the American on Saturday night.

Bradley beat Pacquiao on a split decision in Las Vegas; a victory that surprised most fans and experts.

The Filipino immediately called for a rematch.

And Bradley is ready to accommodate him. “I heard all the boos at the end of the fight, which is okay because we need to do this again. Let’s make this more decisive,” the American said.

“I’m happy to be the new welterweight champion but I definitely would like to do this again.”

Bradley conceded that hearing the boos from the crowd after the decision had been announced gave him added motivation to get back into the ring with Pacquiao.

He spoke to the media while sitting in a wheelchair before being taken to hospital to have a check on his ankles, which he said he had twisted during the second round.

“I injured my left foot in the second round, twisted my ankle, and now both my ankles are swollen,” he added. “I got hit with some big shots early on but I persevered and went through the pain.”


Pacquiao turned his mind to quick, brutal revenge after being stunned by the defeat. A rematch would make him “become a warrior in the ring,” Pacquiao. And next time, he added, “I don’t want to finish the whole twelve rounds.”

The former champion said he was “100 per cent” confident he had won the fight and was looking forward to a rematch on November 10 at a venue yet to be decided.

Pacquiao said he was so sure he had won that he wasn’t even paying attention when the result was read out.

“I didn’t listen to the announcement because I thought I had won from all the judges,” the Filipino southpaw told reporters.

“I don’t even remember if he hurt me with one punch. He got me with a couple of jabs but I don’t remember if he hit me a solid punch in my face.

“I give Bradley credit, maybe three rounds for him because in some rounds I relaxed. Aside from three rounds, I hurt him in every round.”

The Filipino’s trainer, Freddie Roach, was dumbfounded. “I had it for Manny by ten rounds to two.”

Roach said he was surprised when the first score was read out, giving it 115-113 to Pacquiao. “It wasn’t a good start. It wasn’t as bad as the other two.”

The other scores were 115-113 for Bradley, prompting a chorus of boos in the MGM Grand Garden Arena.


Even Bradley sounded surprised. “Pacquiao was a tough, tough warrior. This guy can punch, he has speed. He has all the tools,” he said.

“I used my ability to clear some rounds, maybe the last five rounds I feel, to get the victory. I am still shocked.”

Bradley, a 5-1 underdog against Pacquiao, had promoted a rematch even during the build-up to Saturday’s fight.

“That was all my idea, pretty much,” said the 28-year-old from Palm Springs in California.

“I felt I was going to win this fight so the rematch is in place, the date is there. It’s definitely going to be a different fight.”

Pacquiao, a former eight-division champion had won 15 fights in succession, dating back to 2005, before the unbeaten Bradley, the WBO light-welterweight champion, ended the run.


Roach said he didn’t know if Pacquiao’s narrow decision over Juan Manuel Marquez in his last fight in November worked against him.

“I’m not sure if our last fight had something to do with it because our last fight was a very close fight and a little controversial.

“Did they hold that against us? I’m not sure,” Roach said. “I didn’t see that many close rounds.”

Roach was heard exhorting Pacquiao to go for a knockout in the 12th round, but said that wasn’t because he thought his fighter was trailing. “I like knockouts,” Roach said.

It was an especially disappointing outcome for Pacquiao given he had hoped for a decisive victory in the wake of his unconvincing win over Marquez.

He came into the fight saying he had been buoyed in body as well as spirit by re-dedicating his life to God, devoting time to Bible study and cutting out pursuits including gambling, drinking and womanising.

There was an odd pre-fight episode in which Pacquiao’s entry was delayed and Roach said he couldn’t find his fighter.

Pacquiao was located in an adjoining room, warming up his cramp-prone calves on a treadmill after watching Miami beat Boston in game seven of the NBA Eastern Conference finals.

By the time he made his belated entrance to the ring, Pacquiao appeared to be in full fight mode.

Bradley admitted he was impressed by Pacquiao’s speed and power, but the Filipino did not make enough of an impression on the judges.

“You know, I respect the decision, but I believe one hundred per cent I won the fight,” Pacquiao said.

“We have to respect my opponent also. Give credit to him. The fans, in your heart you know who won the fight, but it’s OK.”


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