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Judges Duane Ford And Cynthia Ross Have To Be Held Accountable

World Boxing News: Judges Duane Ford and Cynthia Ross have to be held accountable.

Yet another judging atrocity took place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas last night as Manny Pacquiao lost a split decision to Timothy Bradley to cast a shadow over the system of scoring fights in the United States.
Pacquiao started off slowly, losing the first round on my card, but the proceeded to pummel Bradley up until round six, rocking him numerous amounts of times and looked capable or dropping or stopping the American at times.
I defy anyone who gave Bradley any of rounds two through six to give me an explanation as to how they did so as Pacquiao was easily 59-55 up by the midway point of the fight and I wasn’t even close to giving the challenger any of them.
Then judges Cynthia Ross and Duane Ford are arguing that Bradley won the last six rounds! Something I find absolutely amazing and the only way that the pair could have handed in a 115-113 scorecard if they saw what most of us saw.
Something now needs to be done to investigate how these two ‘respected’ judges came to the conclusion they did because the nature of the performance was totally different to what the pair saw transpire in the ring and is the most frustrating thing about the sport we love right now.
If the judges at Pacquiao’s last fight with Juan Manuel Marquez would have come back with those scores then yes, that could have easily have been argued and the Filipino could have taken his loss and then regrouped.

It is the sheer nature of the judging decision that is shocking, not only to me, but to 95% of the boxing world in the wake of the travesty and it is now time for a full review of judging fights in the sport.



3 thoughts on “Judges Duane Ford And Cynthia Ross Have To Be Held Accountable

  1. Those two judges that scored againts Pac-Mac needs to be fired from their job! I wonder how much they got paid to come up with that decision?

    Posted by lpanganiban | June 11, 2012, 12:36 pm
  2. The judges ridiculous decision made all the commentators, anouncers and HBO looks stupid to the entire millions of people in the world watching. The judges made them look like they dont know what they are talking about during the live broadcast. The 2 judges againts millions of people watching on the live broadcast and people inside the arena stupid and dont know how this sports is played.

    Posted by lpanganiban | June 11, 2012, 1:02 pm


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