That’s right folks, it appears the rumors are true.

As we all know by now, Dixie Carter began stirring the pot with the following tweet earlier Friday:

Since then, added Christian’s picture to their website along with the tweet. Meanwhile, the has removed Christian from all of this weekend’s SmackDown events. Even without any confirmation from the man himself, it seems 99.9% possible that Christian will be back with TNA for one night.

Now, since Dixie posted that tweet, many fans have speculated that Christian is slated to be the first inductee to TNA’s newly created Hall of Fame.

I, personally, do not feel that is the case, as there have been plenty of wrestlers that have made more of any impact (pun intended) than Christian. Guys like the founder of TNA Jeff Jarrett and his father should obviously get a spot before Christian, as should Sting. Out of those options, Sting’s induction would mean more to TNA, as it is something the that the WWE has been after for several years now.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand what Christian meant for the company; he was the first WWE star to willingly head to TNA without being future endeavored by the WWE. Not to mention, he has a pretty solid legacy with TNA. However, is he really worthy of being the first inductee to TNA’s HOF?

Not likely…

I feel like Christian will prominently be involved in some ceremony to celebrate TNA’s 10-year anniversary and that’s it. Let’s face it, chances are he is not allowed to step into a TNA ring and there is no way Vince McMahon will allow him to get involved in any sort of match. Especially considering he is the current IC champ.

Ultimately, his presence will give TNA a nice buy-rate boost, as hardcore fans will want to see him back with TNA. Other than that, I wouldn’t expect too much from his appearance.