Last night on Friday Night SmackDown, fans in attendance chanted “Goldberg” (for the gazillionth time) during Ryback’s match against two jobbers. The chants weren’t loud (probably thanks to WWE editing) but were definitely audible.

Many fans obviously see similarities between Goldberg and Ryback, but Bill Goldberg doesn’t.

In response to a fan’s question on Twitter regarding whether Ryback is the “new Goldberg,” Goldberg said the following:

Not exactly ….RT : what do you think about Ryback? He’s I guess the new Goldberg…

“Not exactly.” Well-said, Goldberg.

In a previous article, I tried justifying the “Goldberg” chants and comparisons by noting some similarities between Goldberg and Ryback’s appearance and mannerisms (such as their motions to the crowd and lion-like roars).

After seeing Ryback’s match last night, I can no longer justify the “Goldberg” chants or comparisons. In my opinion, Ryback has managed to develop a uniquely nuanced personality since the time he debuted back in April. It’s hard to explain, but did you see Ryback bobbing his head to the beat of his entrance music? That’s personality if you ask me.

Whenever Ryback gets some real food (a feud), his personality will develop even further.

I have no doubt that Ryback will become a top star in the near future. Fans may chant “Goldberg” now, but those chants and the comparisons will eventually go away, just as they went away for Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar?

Yes. When Lesnar was first starting out, he was on the receiving end of “Goldberg” chants and comparisons. Just watch this match between Brock and Shawn Stasiak for proof.

Ultimately, we should be patient with Ryback.