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Jim Ross comments on Brock Lesnar’s future, the final FCW taping, the new WWE NXT to air online? Powell’s perspective on developmental talent included

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.’s BBQ products, visit

Ross on Brock Lesnar: Don’t ask me Brock Lesnar questions because 8I have zero answers. Lesnar is a brutish mercenary who fights, competes, performs for money….big money. He seemingly only has allegiances to the all might dollar which isn’t necessarily a jailable offense. What lies ahead in Brock’s future can only be answered by Lesnar and I’m relatively certain that there are days that he’s not totally sure.”

Powell’s POV: Vince McMahon is reportedly unhappy with Lesnar for appearing at the UFC pay-per-view. Working with Lesnar may take years off Vince’s life again, but the guy is money if they promote him properly. He’s working a limited number of dates for WWE, so I’d be surprised if they couldn’t put whatever differences they have aside and make money through WrestleMania.

Ross on the final FCW taping: “The atmosphere Thursday night at the last FCW TV taping was intimate and exciting from the sell out, turn away crowd… Lots of kids stood out. Rollins, Steamboat, Cesaro, Ohno, Bo Dallas, Bray Wyatt, Brad Maddox, Ascension, Big E Langston, Jason Jordan, Paige, and several others who I’m sure that I’m inadvertently omitting while doing this on the fly from 35,000 feet.”

Powell’s POV: I caught the latest FCW television show and was very impressed. It wasn’t the booking or production that stood out (though both were solid). Rather, it was how youthful the show is compared to WWE television. WWE needs to bring up some of these fresh faces to help with their slumping ratings, particularly in the teen demographic. They just aren’t featuring enough youthful talent that teens and fans in their early twenties are more likely to connect with. I’m tired of the “paying dues” talk and other excuses that lead to some wrestlers staying in developmental way longer than they need to. Can you imagine where Hollywood and the music industry would be if they took this same approach? WWE fancies itself as an entertainment company and it’s time they started acting like one. Not every developmental wrestler is ready for prime time, but there are plenty of young, talented performers who need to be called up and given real chances to succeed right out of the gate.

Ross on FCW and NXT television: “When FCW’s TV show runs its course on the Brighthouse Network in Florida, FCW will be replaced by NXT. I’m unaware if the rebranded NXT will air on ( doubtful) but will air outside the USA where NXT is currently airing.”

Powell’s POV: I really hope this show makes it’s way to Youtube. If it’s going to be shown to fans all over the world, then what harm can there be in letting fans in the United States get a glimpse of the developmental talent via the online format?

Jim Ross comments on Brock Lesnar’s future, the final FCW taping, the new WWE NXT to air online? Powell’s perspective on developmental talent included.


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