TNA Impact Wrestling opened with footage of an angry Dixie Carter. She’s swearing up a storm and is yelling at the director in the production truck.

She then appeared in the ring and declared that people will be hurt with the truth. That brought out Christopher Daniels and Kazarian, and Daniels said that the truth was she made a mistake.

She had a hole in her heart that only A.J. Styles could fill. She started pushing him and that resulted in the tag champions backing her into a corner.

Styles then made the save and was soon punched in the head by Dixie’s husband Serge. Styles and Dixie then walked out of the Impact Zone.

Other than the great mic work from Daniels, the opening segment was wasted here. I think this would have been better suited for later in the show.

The storyline was advanced nicely, though. The fans still don’t know exactly what’s going on, but Serge has an idea.

I just fear that this is leading to a match between him and Styles. That’s something I really don’t want to see.

Backstage, Samoa Joe approached Austin Aries. They discussed Aries spraying water on Joe last week. It wasn’t a sign of disrespect as Aries told him that he’d know if that happened.

An Austin Aries/Samoa Joe feud? That’s something I’m beyond happy with! The matches these two could have would be five-star classics, with their only competition being Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.


Crimson vs. Austin Aries

Crimson remained undefeated after Samoa Joe tripped Aries on the apron. This match was special in terms of Aries just beat down Crimson. He out-wrestled him the entire match and made him look like an amateur.

Other than that, the match was decent at best. Crimson really didn’t do anything except for pinning Aries.

The basis of the Aries/Joe feud is kind of weak as Joe is mad he got sprayed with water. As long as this storyline gets time to develop, I’m sure it’ll turn out to be a good. Even if the storyline isn’t, the wrestling certainly will be!

Post-match, Crimson bragged about being undefeated for almost 500 days and for being our “undefeated hero.” He even took a shot at Goldberg which I found interesting. He then issued an open challenge for Slammiversary.

I like that idea! It gives TNA the perfect opportunity to bring in a former talent. At the same time, could TNA be on the verge of bringing in Goldberg?

I highly doubt it as Goldberg would want to win and seeing the washed-up Goldberg end Crimson’s undefeated streak would be a mistake.

I just hope TNA has a surprise in store for this challenge.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan hyped the current storylines in TNA. He then told Brooke that she’d better work hard. This was kind of a random segment. There really was no need for it.


Staying backstage, Brooke Hogan talked with Velvet Sky, Mickie James, Tara and Miss Tessmacher. She was excited about the job and told them they’d be wrestling later. She then told Velvet that she’d be in a Montgomery Gentry music video, much to the dismay of Mickie.

If this segment accomplished anything, it would be the start of Mickie’s heel turn. The look on her face as she heard that Velvet would be in the music video was a combination of anger and disgust.

If they are turning her heel, I say it’s about time. Mickie James is really stale as a face. She needs a change and a heel turn would be the perfect way for that change to happen!

Hulk Hogan then made his way to the ring. He announced that the world title would be on the line next week, but before he could finish, Booby Roode came out. He told Hogan to shut up and to show him some respect.

He called him jealous as even in Hogan’s prime he couldn’t lace Roode’s boots. He was a better champion than Hogan ever was and that brought out Sting. Roode beat him down, but Sting got up and ultimately beat down the champion.

This segment belonged to Bobby Roode. He was great on the mic here as he yelled in Hogan’s face and kept on interrupting the wrestling legend. Roode continues to be a solid mic worker and one of the best TNA has to offer.

Hogan was Hogan, so not much can really be said.

I actually liked that Sting beat down Roode. I know that many won’t, but I think it’s smart booking. I’ll get into why a little later.


Backstage, the four Knockouts were stretching for the match. Well, that was definitely for the male demographic.

Staying backstage, Joseph Park talked of the Bully Ray/Abyss situation. He’s hoping that fighting will lead to the truth. This was a nice, short promo by Park here. He was straight and to the point. I like it when promos are like that.

Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky vs. Miss Tessmacher vs. Tara: No. 1 Contenders Match

Tessmacher picked up the victory after she hit her finisher on Mickie James. This was quite the good match right here. I thought that the commercial break would have messed with the flow, but it didn’t.

These four wrestlers were given a decent amount of time and they delivered. The match saw constant action as the Knockouts pulled off some nice moves throughout.

All four women performed really well here and proved why they should be featured each and every week. The Knockouts are more than pretty faces, they’re actually athletes. TNA should take full advantage of that and feature then prominently over the summer.

Mickie’s heel turn was teased more here. Towards the end, she hit a flying Thesz Press and then screamed “That’s why I’m the best!” She then proceeded to yell at Velvet.

It really seems like they’re pulling the trigger on this. The division needs a new heel.

With Angelina and Winter nowhere to be seen and Madison Rayne possibly on the verge of a face turn with her “I’m in love” storyline, Gail Kim is by herself. I think Mickie would be a great heel.


Backstage, Bully Ray has a new contract for his match with Joseph Park. It’s interesting how he was able to do that without TNA or the Park, a lawyer, knowing about it. A nice little bully move, though, so there’s that.

Staying backstage, Hogan was on the phone with A.J. Styles. He didn’t care about his personal problems and he wanted Styles back as he had a match later. I detected a bit of heel in Hogan there, which I like.

You can’t really have a face general manager. Well, you could but it doesn’t create interesting television. I think Hogan would be better if he was a tweener—not a face but not quite a heel. It would make the Hulkster interesting for once.

Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park Contract Signing

Bully Ray started things out by ripping up the old contract and presenting the new one. The new one would relieve him of all repercussions. If he inured Park badly, there would be no consequences.

Park refused to sign it and Bully Ray spit in his face. Park then agreed to sign so that he could avenge his brother Abyss. Some pyro then went off and Abyss appeared on the screen.

He declared that he didn’t need his brother’s help and responded to Bully Ray’s comments of leaving him for dead with, “Do I look dead?”

Abyss then warned them that they’d  find out how alive he was at Slammiversary. Bully Ray then attacked Park to end the segment.


This was an overall great segment. Bully Ray was his usual bully self, which is a good thing, and Joseph Park did very well, too. What made this segment a great one, though, was Abyss.

Seeing as TNA is live right now, this was a bit unexpected. I don’t know whether they practiced it a lot or if Abyss is just that good, but the timing in the conversation between “brothers” was done very well.

Abyss is Joseph Park so the Monster appearing on the screen was obviously pre-recorded. Having a conversation with someone who’s just being played back in front of a live audience is a tricky thing. They pulled it off beautifully here.

And for fans that don’t use the internet, but suspected that Park and Abyss were the same person, this had to have blown their minds.

I am very interested to see how TNA is going to handle Abyss returning while Joseph Park is in the ring.

Earlier, Garett Bischoff told Devon that he had his back against Robbie E. If I had to worry about Robbie T interfering, then I’d I want someone bigger than Bischoff in my corner. What can he really do to the massive Robbie T?

Taz then revealed that he stood by his decision of denying Joey Ryan a contract. TNA then showed footage of Ryan putting down the judges and the company. Al Snow eventually led him out of the building.

Joey Ryan just oozes charisma. I like that they’re turning this into a storyline. Ryan is an extremely talented guy; the X-Division could benefit greatly from his hiring.


Perhaps Joey Ryan will answer Crimson’s open challenge at Slammiversary. Taz did tell him to come back and prove him wrong. What better way than to attempt to break Crimson’s undefeated streak?

Devon vs. Robbie E: Television Championship

With Madison Rayne watching on the stage, Devon retained the title with a small package that was reversed by Robbie E thanks to Robbie T, and then reversed by Garett resulting in Devon’s win.

This was a decent match at best. These two have wrestled multiple times since Devon won the title and they have certainly had better. In terms of the feud, it has just gone on for too long.

I know some feuds go on for months, but this one hasn’t really generated any real interest. It got boring after the first few matches.

The inclusion of Garett is random as he really hasn’t done anything since Lockdown. He had one match with Devon, which impressed the champion, so I guess there’s that.

As for Madison Rayne, I think her affections are towards Garett. She has appeared every time he’s been in the ring over the past month or so, so it makes sense that it’s him.

I just hope Madison doesn’t get wasted in this storyline as she’s way too talented to be just a valet.


Hogan then appeared in the ring again. He tried to finish his announcement but was interrupted by Mr. Anderson. Anderson wanted the title shot next week, but Hogan called out both Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy.

As he was losing his voice, Hogan booked the three of them in a No. 1 contender’s match at Slammiversary where the winner got the title shot next week.

I was really hoping that there would be a fourth guy in the mix here, mainly someone who wasn’t a former WWE star.

All three of these guys have been in the main event way too much over the past year; it’s time for somebody new!

Seeing as Anderson has yet to actually get a title shot this year, though, I’d imagine that he’d be winning the match.

Sting, Kurt Angle and A.J. Styles vs. Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

The faces picked up the victory after Styles finally appeared with three minutes left and Roode tapped out to the Scorpion Death Lock.

TNA’s six-man tag matches are usually pretty good, but this one was kind of bland. Sting was in the legal man for his team the whole match as the heels beat him down. It wasn’t until Styles popped in that the faces gained control.

As I said earlier, I think that having Sting beat down Roode is smart booking. Roode may look weak now, but when he defeats Sting at Slammiversary, it’ll be huge.


Sting had the upper hand the whole time but couldn’t get the job done. That shows that Roode is the better man in the long run. That’s assuming that he wins at the PPV, which I hope he does.

The Tag Team Championship match at Slammiversary didn’t get advanced too much here due to Styles being absent for most of the match, but Angle and Styles got their hands on the champs so it did a little bit.

Overall, I thought this was a decent episode of Impact Wrestling. Four matches is really low and only one of them was actually good. The others helped build their respective matches/feuds for Slammiversary, but the qualities of them were subpar at best.

There was too much Hogan this week. He went from two very short segments last week to two backstage segments and two in the ring this week.

I was disappointed with the show this week. It did build up Slammiversary pretty well so it did its job there, but it failed in entertaining me.