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WWE star John Cena’s drunken fight with Carlito recalled


cena (Photo credit: static)

Carlito on his fight with John Cena: “I actually had a fight with [John] Cena. I forget where it was, but we got into a fight. A drunken fist fight. He told me I wasn’t applying myself. He said I should be at a higher level. I didn’t punch him because I’m not going to punch the face of the company. It was more like a drunken fight. I don’t think we were out to hurt each other. I was just defending myself, but Cena, he’s strong as hell.”

“He jumped at me first. They ended up separating us about three times. I felt like he and I had always been close. I think he just wanted to see me do better. Cena is one of those guys that’s a top guy, but he wants to see other guys. He doesn’t try to hold guys down, he wants to see them come up.”

Carlito also spoke about being told that he needed to “be more like Eddie Guerrero” after Eddie’s untimely passing, none of the boys backstage liking CM Punk, his thoughts on which Divas have the best asses and more! MLW‘s Konnan Show is available on and iTunes (search: KONNAN SHOW) and syndicated by





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