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DX Plans on 1,000th Raw Possibly Revealed

With the 1000th episode of Raw set to take place on July 23, the WWE has already begun making the necessary preparations.

After all, this isn’t just any Raw, but a milestone nearly two decades in the making, and one that very few shows in television history can claim.

So, when that day inevitably arrives, WWE will do its best to celebrate Raw’s past while paving the way for the future.

One group that will likely be paid homage to is one that not only changed the face of the company, but has been one of its most historic acts since 1997.

Of course, when the NWO was revolutionizing WCW, it was D-Generation X that played a pivotal role in altering the landscape of the WWE, giving it a much needed dose of “Attitude.”

Granted, the stable that featured multiple members has whittled down to two—Shawn Michaels and Triple H—but is just as revered today by a new host of fans.

And according to (via, the Raw audience will not only witness the rebellious twosome reunite on July 23, but partake in a storyline:

…possible plans for DX on the historic RAW episode will feature Triple H continuing the storyline with Brock Lesnar and Shawn Michaels possibly being Lesnar’s next victim.

Certainly, such a storyline would make sense if the much-speculated-upon Triple H vs. Lesnar bout comes to pass at SummerSlam 2012.

Perhaps the decimation of his best friend, “The Heartbreak Kid,” will ultimately lure Triple H back into the ring for the first time since WrestleMania 28.

Undoubtedly, in storyline terms, “The Game” would have every incentive to don his wrestling boots—to avenge his broken arm and Michaels (if Lesnar does indeed destroy him).

Not to mention, there could be further stakes on the line. For instance, if Lesnar were to win at SummerSlam, his lawsuit against the company would intensify. However, if he were to lose, the former UFC champion would be forced to drop all allegations.

All in all, this summer should shape up to be a noteworthy one.



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