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One of ROH’s most heated rivalries ever renews in Pittsburgh

Long time ROH fans will remember the two tag team title reigns that BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs had together. They will also remember the circumstances that surrounded their dissolution, the woman involved, and the violence that followed for nearly a year as BJ & Jimmy tore into one another in numerous matches.  The injuries accumulated over that time were severe, including a broken ankle for Whitmer, and when it finally culminated in a Steel Cage Match at “Supercard of Honor II”, a match that Jacobs won, neither man was quite the same.
Trace the line from there and you can see how this rivalry indirectly spawned The Age of The Fall, a group primarily consisting of Jacobs, Tyler Black, The Necro Butcher, & Lacey, and saw Jacobs at his most vile, bloodthirsty, and manipulative.  The continuation of that thread would ultimately lead you to Jimmy’s exile from Ring of Honor following “End of An Age” and in turn bring you to the night Steve Corino brought him back into the fold as his sponsor.  The events from there that have culminated in both Jacobs & Corino ally themselves with ROH World Champion Kevin Steen are all fresh in our minds…
The death of the tag team and the subsequent loss in the Cage Match also put BJ Whitmer on a downward spiral of his own as he suffered defeat after defeat, his own mental breakdown leading him into The Hangmen 3. That union became his downfall as their betrayal of Whitmer saw him evicted from ROH for years until his long-awaited, fan-demanded return at “Rise & Prove” when he impressed the world in his Proving Ground bout against Jay Lethal.
At “Synergy” in Chicago Ridge, Whitmer became embroiled in one of the most intense, enduring hates Ring of Honor has ever seen as he allied himself with El Generico to fight Jacobs & Steen in a tag team war that ROH officials were essentially forced to make a No DQ contest in order to insure it actually happened.  Whitmer’s rivalry with Jacobs reignited that night as well, capped off with he & Generico picking up the victory after BJ delivered an Exploder Suplex through a table to Jimmy.
“I’d be lying if I didn’t say that felt good man.” BJ told, “It’s been a long time coming, tossing Jimmy through that table, and watching him decide to side with Steen only proves how much he deserved it.  To tell you the truth, when I saw Jimmy with Corino, saw him trying to be a better man; it gave me some hope that maybe our past could be put to rest. I really thought that maybe all that spilled blood could be put behind us and we could find that friendship we had before all the s*** and all the years got in the way.  Well Jimmy, it looks like you fooled me and Ring of Honor and the world into thinking you changed. Or maybe you just fooled yourself into thinking you were strong? Well little buddy, it looks like me and you got a date one more time.  Maybe you can show me I’m wrong, or maybe I can make you admit just how weak you are…”
It’s BJ Whitmer vs. Jimmy Jacobs in Pittsburgh, PA on 6/30/12 at The Rostraver Ice Gardens!  It’s a renewal of one of the most heated rivalries in ROH’s history and tickets are available now!!!
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