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THQ Outlines More Details On Ring Breaks In WWE ’13

The logo for the most recent game in the WWE s...

The logo for the most recent game in the WWE series (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

THQ has uploaded a new article taking a more in-depth look at the ring break system used in WWE ’13.

THQ and WWE ’13 may not be at E3 2012 right now, although that does not stop them from revealing more about their annual WWE video game. Any question you have about ring breaks in WWE ’13, might be answered down below in the Q&A session.

Here’s what THQ posted:

Q: Are ring breaks in-game or just cut-scenes?

A: Ring breaks are in-game occurrences, NOT just cut-scenes! They’re one of our new “Spectacular Moments,” which also include blasting people through ring barriers and diving through commentary tables. That means that you can bust up the ring yourself in any kind of match…just as long as you meet the necessary requirements.

Q: Can any Superstar perform a ring break?

A: No. Only super-heavyweights have the heft, mass and sheer power required to demolish the squared circle – just like on WWE television. Right now, both Big Show and Mark Henry are confirmed as being capable of performing ring breaks, but as for other potential super-heavyweights…you’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled for additional Roster Reveals.

Q: Can a super-heavyweight perform a ring break on anyone?

A: No, a super-heavyweight can only perform a ring break on another super-heavyweight. They might be able to do a top turnbuckle move to a smaller opponent, but only two super-heavyweights have the combined mass required to actually destroy the ring.

Q: Can created Superstars be set to perform ring breaks?

A: Sure! Just as long as you create them to be super-heavyweights.

Q: What about breaking through the ring barrier? Is that just for super-heavyweights?

A: Nope. Any Superstar has the potential to bust their opponent through the ring barriers, just as long as they respond quickly enough when that “OMG!” icon appears over their head.

Q: Will it be easy to perform a ring break?

A: Not unless you’re really, really good – or your opponent is really, really bad. Ring breaks aren’t an everyday occurrence on WWE television, and they won’t be super common in WWE ’13 either, as not only must both competitors be super-heavyweights and one of them respond to the “OMG!” icon but the Superstar hitting the superplex has to store up three finishers in order to even have the option.

Q: What happens after the ring breaks?

A: It won’t be easy to use your opponent to break the ring in WWE ’13, so it makes sense that there’s a huge reward for actually doing it. If you manage to perform a ring break, it will knock out your opponent, giving you the instant win by KO.






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