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Shane “Hurricane” Helms on Randy Orton’s WWE Wellness Policy suspension

Randy Orton's pose

Randy Orton’s pose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Thoughts on Randy Orton‘s Wellness suspension and how Orton will be treated upon return: If the rules are you get three strikes then you get three strikes. If a guys playing baseball you don’t just pull him off the plate after a second strike. If that’s the rules then you got to follow them. I mean if he has one more strike then he has one more strike. He is one of the most talented guys in the world, the most talented guy in the business by far. I mean you can’t just put him in a mid-card scenario. Maybe the push isn’t as strong I guess but you got to give the guy the benefit of the doubt and keep in mind that it’s a victimless crime… I’m kind of liberal when it comes to this whole performance enhancing drug thing. I’m not sold that they even enhance performance or sold on who gets to decide what’s legal and what’s illegal. Caffeine is a performance enhancing drug but yet we find it in the soda every day. I mean it just depends who gets to decide what’s what… I’ve always been one of those people as long as you’re not hurting other people then do what you want to do… That’s tricky cause you want to have a good image for kids.”

Does he have designs on returning to WWE:“I am very happy with what I’m doing right now, being away form WWE and the schedule has given me time to do to other things. The thing about this business is that  there are people in it and that’s all they have.  Once its gone and it will be gone for every single one of us, they don’t have anything left… that’s things I’m telling young guys. You got to devote yourself to the business, no doubt. It has to be a top priority for you to be successful but you have to have other stuff going on because once the wrestling is over and it will be over at some point and if you got nothing left then you’re going to have nothing left to do. A lot of guys can’t ever come back from that cause wrestling was all they had and it consumed so much of their life that when its gone they got nothing to do and they can’t let go and they can’t really deal with not being in that lime light.”




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