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Is WWE Diva AJ Crazy?

Divas: AJ during the November 23, 2010, episod...

Divas: AJ during the November 23, 2010, episode of NXT. Cropped from original License on Flickr: CC-BY-SA-2.0 Flickr tags: wwe, wcw, ecw, 800th, Monday night raw, Friday night smackdown, raw, smackdown (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Crazy AJ

How many WWE Divas can say they’ve flirted with CM Punk, Kane and Josh Mathews all within 10 minutes? Welcome to the wacky, wonderful world of AJ!

The Divas division is in such shambles right now that the only way a female wrestler can get over in the WWE is to be involved in an angle with male wrestlers. This formula has worked well for Eve who is now hated almost as much as her boss John Laurinaitis.

AJ’s path to WWE stardom began as Daniel Bryan‘s love interest. This storyline has been used once or twice before so it didn’t really capture my attention. But when AJ began smiling at CM Punk (who didn’t seem to mind) it certainly made his feud with Bryan a lot more interesting.


On the June 4 edition of WWE Raw, AJ’s crazy character added a couple of extra layers following CM Punk’s match against Kane. AJ found herself cowering in the corner as the Big Red Monster closed in. Suddenly, she started smiling and batting her eyelashes at Kane who seemed more surprised than anyone by her crazy display of affection.

It should be noted that the last two women who took an interest in Kane in the WWE were Lita and Katie Vick. And we all know what happened to those two.

Josh Mathews

Other than Michael Cole getting doused with JR’s BBQ sauce, my favorite segment of WWE Raw was AJ flirting with Josh Mathews. To me, Josh looked more terrified of AJ than AJ was of Kane!


AJ is definitely crazy, but there’s something about her character that I like. Maybe I just naturally cheer for her because she used to be homeless. But her WWE character just became a lot more interesting after flirting with Kane and Josh Mathews. Who does that?

Normally, I can easily predict how WWE strorylines will unfold, but I have no idea what they’re doing with crazy AJ. I’m sure she’s going to do something crazy in the triple-threat match at No Way Out. In fact, AJ is in the commercial for the WWE pay-per-view.

Although they usually mismanage the Divas, the WWE is doing outstanding work with AJ’s crazy character. It could be a crazy summer in the WWE.




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