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Has CM Punk Lost the Edge That Made Him a Star?

I hate to say it, but it could be true that everyone’s beloved anti-hero CM Punk is losing a little of the shine off his celebrity.

It’s hard to see one of the best wrestlers in the WWE losing his magical touch, but it’s true. Not from a pure wrestling standpoint, or when it comes to selling for opponents like Chris Jericho or Daniel Bryan or even John Cena, but from a pure value standpoint in the current state of the WWE. It’s uneven branding.

Punk is not as much of a Steve Austin as he is more of an updated Randy Savage. He isn’t on par with the former WWF superstar, but he uses diverse styles of “grappling” to make for an amazing performance.

In the WWE, however, the fan base, love him or hate him, always wants something more.

The question is, can Punk continue to deliver?

We all thought we were getting the match we wanted when Punk and Bryan began what has become a feud of three (add Kane) and at some times, even four (insert AJ Lee). For whatever the reason—and you know how I feel about WWE Creative—maybe this was a ploy on their part because the mojo Punk had just a year ago is not as strong as it once was. Feuds with Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and Chris Jericho were not as “eventful” in my opinion as those with Del Rio in 2011 and John Cena, which put Punk on the map with the WWE.

And now that he is being used more as a marketing tool (see: his video game cover), Punk is as valuable to the company as he has ever been, but his persona may be stale.

Every wrestler needs more innovation to remain fresh and a favorite of fans, both face and heel. Punk is great at being the “come from behind” wrestler, the one who you think is out and comes back to fight another day.

Think of John Wayne in wrestling tights yelling that he is the “Best in the World.”

But when it comes right down to it, Daniel Bryan may be a better performer. The matches are great until someone like Kane gets involved. Then the approval rating dips a bit.

Punk is more of a performer than an actor. Some wrestlers can do both, while some should just stick to the mat work. Greg Valentine was like that. Jack Brisco was like that. Dory Funk, Jr. was like that. And Ricky Steamboat certainly was like that.

In order for Punk to rise above the (bet you think I will say “hate”) fall of his persona, he needs to ramp up a bit more with his character. He needs a true feud like the one with Cena. He needs to be in control and has to have someone who can joust with him not only in the ring but also on the microphone.

A match with The Rock at some point would be phenomenal. A feud with Randy Orton works as well. But if you are looking for a true show-stopping situation, then have the Punk/Bryan feud gain more momentum.  The only other wrestler who could possibly be as exciting is Cody Rhodes or even Wade Barrett when he returns from injury.

But for now, Punk needs to take what he has to work with and turn it back into something special.




89 thoughts on “Has CM Punk Lost the Edge That Made Him a Star?

  1. Yes, he may initially have lost that cutting edge stuff he blew up for a year ago, but trust me – that edge is deep in Punk. It can resurface at any time. He is so loved because people know that his edge is his real self, and at any moment can come back out. My guess is, he is on top and doesn’t need to bust it out now, but it is always ready!

    Posted by G | June 18, 2012, 8:23 am


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