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7 Most Polarizing Wrestlers in WWE Today

For some wrestlers, boos and cheers meld together into an indistinct sound of discord.  Their fan clubs are just as populated as message boards where the wrestler is eviscerated with harsh words.

Looking at the same wrestler, one fan sees a future Hall of Famer; another sees an embarrassment.

This divisiveness is one of the reasons WWE employs such a diverse group of performers.  A roster full of John Cenas leave out a significant chunk of the wrestling-loving public.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was universally loved.  For Bastion Booger, the complete opposite was true.

Most everyone else resides somewhere in between.

As an audience in totality, we haven’t quite figured out how we feel about the following seven superstars.

Photo by Reckless Dream Photography

The Miz‘s rapid descent from WWE Champion to afterthought has had him occupy every position various fans thinks he deserves.

His athleticism and stage and ring presence have some fans wondering when he’ll be on top of the world again.  Others hope he fades away completely.

It seems WWE is as undecided as the fans are.

Miz has been one of the faces of the franchise as he circuited the talk shows and award shows during his title run.  He’s also served as last minute pay-per-view filler and pre-show entertainment.

Judging by the amount of “I’m Awesome” shirts I’ve seen at WWE shows, the Miz still has his share of supporters.

Does he have enough of them to justify a move up the card, though?

Big Show can elicit a chorus of yawns just as easily as he can a succession of fist pumps.

You will hear some fans tell you that the World’s Strongest Athlete is slow and boring.  He’s a poor man’s Andre the Giant who doesn’t have the ‘it’ factor, they’ll tell you.

In your other ear, you may hear that he’s the best big man of all time.  People who say this will cite the length of his career, his impact on WCW and WWE, as well as the number of memorable brawls he’s produced.

These are the fans itching to see him in a Steel Cage against John Cena at No Way Out.  They hope he continues to be John Laurinaitis‘ attack dog and stay in the limelight.

Anti-Show fans are tired of him.

Thanks for the memories, but give someone else a shot, they’ll say.




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