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Chris Jericho Responds to Paul Heyman’s Twitter Rant

In the last few days, the former ECW owner, Paul Heyman, has been fired up, tweeting one tweet after another.

The subject (wrestling) is one that Heyman has not broached in some time—at least not before he made his surprise return a few weeks ago on Raw.

Yet Heyman has returned to his passionate roots, essentially imploring today’s crop of talent to “stand up” and ‘”get noticed” if they are to make any mark in the WWE.

Several of his fiery tweets hammer the point that in order to ascend the ladder of success in the WWE, one has to have a take-no-prisoners attitude, especially if he or she doesn’t fit the prescribed mold of a “WWE Superstar.”

History has shown that with all odds working against them, not so larger-than-life wrestlers have persevered, proving that norms are meant to be challenged.

Shawn Michaels and CM Punk are two examples, as is Chris Jericho, who concurred with Heyman’s impassioned plea with the current roster.

Jericho tweeted,

I agree with @HeymanHustle diatribe and I would like to add one more piece of advice. To really make it in this business…. you have to be willing to take a chance. And if that pisses some people off than so be it! Stop being so nice. Nice doesn’t cut it.

While Jericho’s advice applies to every avenue of life, it is particularly true in any field of entertainment.

And wrestling is no different because it puts the burden on the performer to capture the attention of the audience and the powers that be.

The pressure to get noticed in the wrestling world is even more pronounced today because virtually everything from family-friendly to adult-themed material has made the airwaves.

Any wrestler in 2012, who is determined to break through the proverbial glass ceiling, must think outside of the box and dare to take a risk.

Of course, such a risk in itself is futile without the social intelligence to curry favor from the backstage brain trust that has the power to make or ruin a career.






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