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Could the Feud with John Cena Be Big Show’s Last Big Run?

Now maybe I should remind you that outside of this business, there really isn’t a big need for a seven-foot tall, 441-pound, 40-year-old freak.”

This statement was uttered by Eve earlier this month when standing in front of The Big Show. It’s hard to imagine, but the role of Big Show from early last month, compared to his role right now, are about as distant as it can get for one superstar.

In early May, it seemed as if Big Show’s character had hit a dead end. That has ended with his recent heel turn and alignment with John Laurinaitis.

Big Show had recently won the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania and the World Heavyweight Championship at last December’s TLC pay-per-view. Both were Big Show’s first reigns with the title and both were short reigns at that.

What it did was complete the grand slam of championships for the giant and enable him to have the rare fact of owning every active championship in WWE at one time or another.

There is nothing in terms of accolades left for Big Show to go out and get. Big Show had become a veteran who was doing right by getting younger talent over with the fans.

After stepping into a feud with Mark Henry, who isn’t exactly young, but needed the reactions from the crowd, Big Show was getting Daniel Bryan over with the fans. Bryan shockingly won Money in the Bank and used it on Big Show to become World Heavyweight Champion.

Once Bryan was on his way to being one of the top (and most popular) heels, Big Show was on to Cody Rhodes, a long-time Intercontinental Champion in need of a big opponent. Rarely does it get any bigger than Big Show and a build for a WrestleMania match ensued.

Rhodes made jokes about Big Show’s lack of success at WrestleMania, which was made up for this year by Big Show winning the Intercontinental Championship.

After a short reign that returned the title back to Rhodes, Big Show didn’t really have any place to go. There was nobody else for Big Show to feud with. With redemption to his WrestleMania past, it seemed time for Big Show to think about hanging it up.

Much like other heels before him, it becomes a good sendoff to be the heel in comparison to the major babyface. It was a good idea to write off Chris Jericho the first time Jericho left WWE. It also gave Batista a type of newly found respect.

CM Punk nearly used this tactic a year ago, but decided to return anyway.

The point is that superstars can get over better as a heel, especially if fan reaction determines who stays and who goes on the roster. Batista’s attitude never changed from becoming a world champion for the first time until his heel turn on Rey Mysterio. This would lead to Batista’s cocky attitude, entrance with a spotlight and final feud with John Cena.

If there is ever a big-time face to have a final feud with, Cena is certainly high on the list. In the end, the heel walks off into the sunset, head hanging down as the fans can tell him how they really feel. Meanwhile, the loyal Cena stands triumphant, staying in WWE and ridding the fan base of the latest threat.

Big Show is certainly being made into a threat once again. He has been destructive since Over the Limit, costing Cena a victory over Laurinaitis, knocking down superstars backstage and even knocking big Brodus Clay down in a way that few have ever done before.

Big Show’s ironclad contract, thanks to Laurinaitis, means that it all but suggests that Big Show will do whatever he wants to whomever he wants. It makes for the perfect insurmountable challenge for Cena, who fights the giant inside a steel cage at No Way Out this month.

Regardless of No Way Out’s result, this will not end Cena and Big Show’s rivalry. It can easily stretch to TLC, which moves from the December slot up to June this year.

A tables match could be in the cards as Big Show’s might can make that loss in the same match to Cody Rhodes disappear. It could also be a chairs match between the two that helps level the playing field for Cena. It should all wrap up at SummerSlam in a heavily billed match that ultimately has Big Show’s employment on the line.

For a man that has done so much for pro wrestling over the years and has been one of the great big men of all time, a storyline like that is a great sendoff for a long-standing veteran. Big Show’s farewell tour is likely going on as we speak and could end with him bowing out during a major event, which is exactly the treatment he deserves.





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