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IMPACT Wrestling Results 31st May 2012

Opening Segment

Welcome to the first of the LIVE Summer Editions of TNA Impact Wrestling. This edition of Impact Wrestling starts a video package highlighting last week’s TNA World Championship match and the elimination game that led to AJ Styles getting chosen by Hogan to dethrone Roode, and how he failed to do so.

Fireworks go off in the Impact Zone and the lumberjacks are shown at ringside to remind us which match will be kicking off the show

Lumberjack Match: TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode vs. Sting

Mike Tenay calls Roode the longest reigning World Champion in TNA history (which is wrong, Jeff Jarrett is. Albeit it’s the NWA Championship he did it with.)

Sting starts the match with right hands and Irish whipping Roode into the turnbuckle and Roode landing very awkwardly. Roode thumbs the eyes and chops him, but Sting no-sells. Roode tries it again with the same result and Sting nails a hip toss, runs through Roode with a clothesline and tries a Scorpion Death Lock. Roode reaches the ropes and Sting knocks Roode out of the ring and to the lumberjacks. Roode gets on the apron, and Sting kicks him off back to the lumberjacks again. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash, but Roode ducks and tosses Roode to the two Robbies and Crimson. Sting gets in the ring and throws him overhead and then right hands him into the lumberjacks. RVD gets a good kick before throwing him in the ring. Roode tosses Sting into the lumberjacks again and it’s an all out beat down on Sting before Garett Bischoff and Chris Sabin evens the odds. Roode gets a few right hands as Taz informs everyone about Brooke Hogan debuting tonight. Roode cinches in a ground bear hug to Sting and the crowd starts to chant ‘Let’s Go Sting.’ Sting is able to get to his feet and fires with elbows before eating a boot by Roode. Roode taunts the crowd before kicking Sting in the gut. Sting is thrown into the lumberjacks and is holding his own against the two Robbies and the Tag Champs as we head to our first commercial!

-Commercial Break-

We are back live on Impact Wrestling and Roode is stomping a mud hole in Sting. Vertical suplex by Roode gets two.  Roode hits a knee to the back and then a kick to the back before throwing Sting again to the lumberjacks. This time RVD and some of the good guys even the odds before the two Robbies and the tag champs could gang up on him. Roode tries some right hands but Sting no-sells and nails the Stinger Splash, but Roode rolls to the floor. He’s protected by Robbie T, but Sting cross bodies everybody as a loud TNA chant breaks out. A replay is shown while Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Lock, Roode reverses it into a Crossface as another ‘Lets Go Sting’ chant breaks out and Sting is able to reach the ropes. Taz questions how much that took out of him as Roode goes for the Pay-Off. Scorpion Death Drop by Sting and Sting gets the Death Drop cinched I in the center of the ring and Roode has no choice but to tap.

Winner by Submission: Sting

Sting celebrates, but Hulk Hogan’s music cuts him off. Hogan walks to the top of the ramp with a microphone and announces that as the General Manager, the Main Event of Slammiversary will be Bobby Roode vs. Sting for the World Championship.))

Taz and Tenay hypes that AJ Styles will face Christopher Daniels tonight and you can still vote for the challenger for Devon tonight: Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, Rob Van Dam, or Robbie E.

((Jarrett’s Jab – A Very Great way for TNA to start off their run of Summer Live Episodes and their new timeslot. Bobby Roode and Sting worked hard and the typical lumberjack spots. Not excited for their match at Slammiversary thought. I’ll be honest; I wanted Bobby Roode vs. James Storm as the main event though. Maybe that means there saving it for Bound for Glory, but that’s a long way ahead.))

-Commercial Break-

Madison Rayne is talking in a mirror about how she will get along with Brooke Hogan tonight. She says she’s making sure she’s looking good because her mystery man might be watching.

Bully Ray is in the ring and asks the fans if they know who he is. Bully Ray says he’s looking for Joseph Park and points him out in the audience in the same seat he was in last week. Bully Ray reminds everyone about what he did last week and threatens the guy in the truck to play it. Bully Ray challenges Joesph Park to a fight and tells him to get his ass in the ring. Park reluctantly walks to the barrier and says he doesn’t want to fight. Bully Ray calls him a coward, his mother a coward, his father a coward, and says Abyss is the biggest coward. Park tries to jump the barricade and security tries to stop him. Bully Ray threatens them and says he’ll take responsibility for him. Taz points out how much trouble Park has getting into the ring and Park seems reluctant again. Park tries to talk his way out of it, and Ray says he’ll change his plea to Guilty for leaving his brother Abyss for dead and asked him what he’ll do about it. Park puts his hands around Ray’s throat and Ray counters by saying “if you hit me, I’ll sue!” Park says no and he won’t stoop to his level and he has class. Ray says he’s just like his brother: a coward. With that, Bully Ray leaves the ring and Park picks up the mic. Park asks Ray if he wants a fight, he wants one…right now. Ray says that he’ll fight him…at Slammiversary.

The X Division Championship will be defended when Austin Aries faces Chris Sabin….NEXT!

-Commercial Break-

A video plays that hypes Crimson as being undefeated for 462 Days, would be better if they had a win count. Crimson is in the back saying he can’t be beat.

Sabin was wearing trunks for the first time in years. Austin Aries was having troubles with a squirt gun and Samoa Joe was behind him. Just another day in the Impact Zone.

X Division Championship: Austin Aries (c) vs. Chris Sabin

Some quick chain wrestling by Sabin and Aries ends up with Aries getting a low dropkick to the face for two. Aries turns around to get a boot to the face. Sabin goes for a crucifix and gets a two count. Aries tosses Sabin to the outside and he lands on the apron and gets booted off before getitng nailed with a suicide dive. Sabin hesitates on hitting the Hesitation Dropkick , but nails a baseball slide, knocking Aries to the outside and follows that up with a crossbody. Aries hits a rope assisted cutter for two and goes for Cradle Shock, but Aries counters into a brainbuster. Sabin counters that into the cradle shock, but Aries counters THAT into a roll-up for the victory!

Winner by Pinfall and STILL X Division Champion: Austin Aries

Some highlights of the match are shown as the Direct Auto Impact of the Night.

Hogan talks to Taz and thanks him for keeping everyone in line for the Gutcheck with Bruce Prichard and Al Snow. Taz says that tonight he’s going to be the real Taz and Hogan thanks him for stepping up. ((Jarrett’s Jab – Looks like Taz will be taking Ric Flair’s place as the angry judge.))

-Commercial Break-

Taz is talking with Snow and Prichard yesterday in Nashville and Snow joked that he liked his mustache and it looked like Austin and Snow had a love child. Taz says he looks different and Prichard notes he looks like a 70’s porn star reject. Prichard talks about how people said on twitter that they think he’s better than Silva. Taz said that that he was “in-character” and wasn’t taking it seriously when Aries was announced pissed him off. Snow said he thought Joey took it very seriously, and Prichard said he didn’t blow him away, but he remembered him. They talk more back and forth and Taz said he better cut the promo of his live. Mike Tenay excitedly announces Brooke Hogan is next like he just won the world title.

((Jarrett’s Jab – Since Taz can talk about things that pissed me off, I’ll do the same. Joey Ryan is fighting for his job, and going from that segment to talking about Brooke Hogan, who was handed a job because her daddy is Hulk pisses me off.  Especially when my twitter timeline is filled with complaints and all kinds of “If Ryan isn’t hired, I quit watching TNA.” Ryan might be good, but he’s not Kurt Angle.))

-Commercial Break-

Jeremy Borash is backstage with the four participants that the fans could vote on to face Devon. According to Borash, the fans still have just a little bit of time to vote.

Dixie Carter makes her way to the ring and talks about how great of an evening this is and in ten days, TNA will be ten years old. Dixie thanks every TNA alumni and roster member for stepping in the ring and thanks the fans. Dixie Carter also announces that the first inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame will be announced that night. Dixie says she has a special place in her heart for the Knockouts and announces Brooke Hogan as the new Executive in charge of the Knockouts which receives some loud boos from the crowd until her music drowned them out. Dixie talks about how Brooke excites her and a small “Hogan” chant breaks out. Brooke says that she has the same passion as Dixie does about the woman and she has some big yellow boots to fill, but she is taking it seriously and thanks Dixie for the opportunity. She thanks the fans which gets some cheers.

Daniels and Kazarian gasps about the “big announcement” she makes and Kazarian quirps that that’s big, but no talk about AJ Styles. Daniels notes that this is live TV and he will have his own little surprise after he beats AJ. ((Jarrett’s Jab – The Hall of Fame announcement was surprising, but I’ll get this out of the way, I’m not a fan of Brooke Hogan. She isn’t the “star” TNA touted her as, has no experience actually working in the business. TNA should capitalize on the WWE’s stupidity and hire Finlay to work with their women.))

-Commercial Break-

Television Championship: Devon (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

Devon gets a wristlock early and Hardy reverses into one of his own. Devon runs through Hardy with a sholderblock and rolls up Hardy for two. A tie-up and this time Hardy gets the advantage with a hurricanrana.  — Hardy counters a charge into a Whisper in the Wind for two. Hardy charges and Devon ducks and hits a jumping neckbreaker. Devon slowly goes for the pin and gets two. Devon uses the hair to pick up Hardy and presses his arms into the neck of Hardy as a dueling ‘Let’s go Devon/Let’s go Hardy’ chant breaks out. Devon covers for two and quickly gets a chinlock. Hardy breaks out of it and nails the Twist of Fate. Hardy takes off his shirt and goes up top, but Robbie E knocks him off.

The Match has been thrown out

Devon is able to battle the two Robbies, Robbie E eats a neck breaker and Hardy nails Robbie T with the Poetry in Motion before Hardy baseball slides Robbie E off the apron. Hardy and Devon hug and Devon pulls the straps down before starting to trash talk the two Robbies.

James Storm is shown in a video with his daughter and talks about how much he loves to be a Country Boy and how he’s a simple guy. Storm talks about how Roode calls himself the ‘It Factor of Professional Wrestling’ and he calls this his ‘it,’ being on the farm with his daughter. Storm said he didn’t know what hurt more: Losing to Roode or everyone’s expression. Storm says how much he hates to let people down and he makes his decision. His daughter asks if that means he’s going back to wrestling and Roode tells the camera guy to “cut it off.”

The TNA Gut Check and the fate of “Hollywood’s Own” Joey Ryan is decided…NEXT!

((Jarrett’s Jabs – Flashbacks to all those battles between the Hardys and the Dudley’s went through my mind watching this TV Title match. There was no doubt the second Hardy was announced for the poll who was going to win. I’m a little disappointed with the interference because we got the same thing last week. The James Storm promo bothered me, but that’s because family and children in wrestling really bothers me. Nice hook for all the James Storm fans though.))

-Commercial Break-

A video package airs of all the drama between AJ Styles and the Tag Team Champions Christopher Daniels and Kazarian.

From that, we suddenly change gears to the TNA Gut Check: Brother Love…erm…Bruce Prichard, Al Snow, and Taz. Jeremy Borash asks Bruce Prichard if the three have seen enough tape to make their decision and he says they have. Joey Ryan makes his entrance in his ring gear. A “Joey Ryan” chant breaks out and Borash asks if that was the best of Joey Ryan. Ryan says he’s trending on Twitter and Eighty-Seven percent of TNA’s fans said yes.  Prichard says he likes the Ron Burgundy look, but after 10 years in the business, he says no. Borash says there must be a majority vote. Snow says he doesn’t like him, his attitude, the way he walks to the ring. Snow says it’s not about that, it’s whether he can be a Impact Wrestling star and Snow says Yes. Borash says that Taz’s vote makes the decision and he has a chance. Ryan says that Prichard saying no to 87 percent of the Impact Wrestling fan base makes Ryan question Prichard’s contract. Taz says he’s going to be real, if that was the promo to save his job, he’s out of his mind. Taz says he’s forgotten more about the business than Ryan ever knows. Taz and Ryan argue back and forth, and Taz remarks for him to hump the rope or whatever he does, and come back when he’s ready to prove himself. ((Jarrett’s Jab – I didn’t see that coming. I’m with the majority that thought Ryan was better than Silva, but that promo was horrible. He was whining about Prichard ignoring the fans rather than fighting for his job. The fans like it, but he did have to convince the judges. I would have said No too if I were in Taz’s shoes.))

-Commercial Break-

Taz and Mike Tenay go through the three announced matches for Slammiversary: Bobby Roode defending the TNA Championship against Sting, Bully Ray fighting Joseph Park and The Tag Team Champions Christopher Daniels and Kazarian facing the team of AJ Styles and Kurt Angle.

Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles

Daniels slaps Styles and bails out of the ring and Taz apologizes about losing his cool during Gut Check. AJ Styles nails a dropkick when he catches Daniels back in the ring. Styles floats over, looking for the inverted DDT, but gets a right hand to the jaw instead. Daniels throws AJ to the apron and drops him neck first on the top rope before knocking him right into the steel guardrail.

-Commercial Break-

We are back and Tenay hypes the Impact Wrestling Summer Blast with TNA being live for the summer. Daniels hits a suplex and a moonsault for two. Daniels cinches in a weird submission and AJ gets his right leg on the bottom rope. Daniels breaks on three and pulls up his kneepad. Styles hits right hands to the gut and then to the head before nailing some chops. Daniels sends him sternum first into the corner, but eats a clothesline. Daniels charges at Styles, but eats the turnbuckle, AJ runs through Daniels with elbow shots before hitting a backbreaker into a power slam for two. AJ springboard forearms Daniels and kips-up but Daniels reverses the Inverted DDT into a snap mare, Daniels pulls AJ from the back of his head on the apron, but nails the Pele. AJ goes for the Clash but Kazarian gets on the apron. AJ knocks him off and kicks out of a roll-up. AJ hits the Inverted DDT for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: AJ Styles

The Tag Team Champs gang up on AJ until Kurt Angle charges to the ring and takes them both out. Angle locks in the Ankle lock on Kazarian and he keeps tapping out until Daniels low blows him from behind. The Tag champs hit the Sweet and Sour. Daniels and Kazarian use plastic ties to tie Angle to the bottom ropes. Angle tries to fight out and gets hit with the World Title belt.  AJ is out as well as Daniels takes a microphone. Daniels says that he’s shown pictures and video of the affair between AJ Styles and Dixie Carter. Daniels plays a phone conversation between AJ and Dixie. When AJ asks how long he has until Surge (her husband) gets there, Dixie comes rushing from the commentator side and grabs Taz’s microphone. She demands for the feed to cut off and screams “HIT THE BUTTON” into the microphone several times and says that you’re done. The audio doesn’t cut off until UFC Unleashed comes on. ((Jarrett’s Jab – Now THAT is a cliffhanger ending. I loved that the audio feed kept on during the Impact Credits and the Spike Sports credit. I wish that Chris Sabin and Austin Aries would have gotten more time considering that Brooke Hogan had a segment on the show. ))




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