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Boxer’s wife worried about drug use

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — The wife of Johnny Tapia worried that the boxing legend may have been using narcotics just before his death, according to a police report.

The reports, released Wednesday, show Teresa Tapia suspected her husband had access to illegal drugs days before he died Sunday. Teresa Tapia told police she was unable to find any narcotics after a search of their Albuquerque home, but added that Tapia wasn’t “sleeping or eating right,” according The Albuquerque Journal ( ).

Investigators found one Hydrocodone tablet, a painkiller, on the floor beside his body. They said there were no indicators of an overdose or alcohol use, but that he could have developed medical complications from recent drug use.

A complete autopsy was pending.

Tapia had long suffered with public battles of cocaine addiction and depression. According to the police, his wife kept prescription narcotics locked in safe and dispensed any prescribed medication to him.

Authorities said Tapia was at home while his wife went to a movie in the afternoon with other family members.

Tapia’s 18-year-old nephew was with him and said his uncle had been making “moaning sounds” and complaining of stomach pains. The nephew suggested going to the hospital but Tapia said he preferred taking medicine at home. Police say the nephew then left.

The report said Teresa Tapia and relatives returned to find Tapia’s bedroom door locked. She opened the door and found Tapia’s body. Police said in the report Tapia was only wearing shorts and socks.

A five-time world boxing champion, the 45-year-old was a hero to many Mexican-American boxing fans who coined him “Burque’s Best.” A public memorial was scheduled for June 3 at the University of New Mexico in the school’s arena.

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