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Ken Chertow’s wrestling camp begins in Kearney

Anyone serious about improving as a wrestler wouldn’t miss Ken Chertow‘s camp in Kearney this week. The Tri-Cities are just one of the stops nationwide Ken makes each year on his wrestling camp tour.

News 5’s Kyle Thomas caught up with the former Penn State All-American whose camps continue to develop champions.

Ken Chertow is a name known throughout wrestling circles for his many accomplishments on and off the mat.

Three time NCAA all American, three time academic all American two time junior world champion and as a coach Chertow helped lead his alma mater Penn State to a national dual meet championship in 1992.
And now he travels the country helping young wrestlers fulfill their potential on the mat.

“We’ve been doing camps for 25 years across the country and we’ve been in Kearney for eight years so we have a really good thing going here in Kearney full gym awesome situation,” said Chertow.

To see what kind of impact Chertow’s camps make on area athletes all you have to do is look at Centennial’s Doyle Trout an undefeated state champion as a freshman.

“I do about like six weeks every year. I mean I have to give up about a month of my summer to do that but it pays off in the end winning state and all that stuff,” said Chertow.

And just by watching and listening to Chertow you can see how he is able to continue turning out champion after champion from his camps.

“Now while we were talking I actually need to crack the whip because they’ve been on task for a while now and we’re going to change topics and pick up the intensity a little bit. Gentleman, change of pages now. You’re alternating double legs now hard drill take turns double legs. GO! So, I mean we go from we just got done doing some slide bys head locks and single legs now we’re moving on to some more explosive straight on attack double legs. Keep the kids on task, keep ’em energized, keep them motivated. That’s part of being a good coach being a good camp director. It doesn’t matter what the sport is you gotta keep kids engaged and interested and keep them busy,” said Chertow.

Ken will continue to keep the kids busy for the rest of the week in Kearney as he grooms the next batch of champions from central Nebraska.




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