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Hatton predicts Pacquiao victory

British boxing legend Ricky Hatton knows better than anyone what Timothy Bradley is up against when he takes on Manny Pacquiao, having faced, and lost, against the Pacman himself in 2009. However, the ‘Hitman’ believes that Bradley has all the tools to make it a tough night for the reigning WBO welterweight world champion and thinks we may be in for something very special when the two go head-to-head.

“Manny Pacquiao is the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world and he goes into this fight as the favourite but Timothy Bradley is a very slick and tidy boxer so this isn’t going to be an easy fight for him. Against Junior Witter we saw how well schooled Bradley was and how he was able to figure out his style so quickly so I think he will cause Pacquiao some problems,” said Hatton.

“I think style wise this could be an even better matchup than the recent fight between Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto. Mayweather is exceptional defensively and makes you miss but Pacquiao is a lot more exciting and when you put him in with Bradley style wise it makes for a great fight,” he said.

Hatton believes that Bradley’s ability to adjust is what is going to make the fight a difficult one for the world champion, especially if the American is able to show the same counter punching skills that Juan Manuel Marquez did in his close points decision loss to Pacquiao last November.

“Manny needs to come back with a big performance after the fight with Marquez which many thought he lost, myself included,” he said.

“Fighters who have a good defence and are counter punchers are those that have caused Manny the most problems. I think Bradley is going to use his boxing ability and box on the back foot and that’s where he’s going to cause Manny a few problems,” Hatton said.

“Bradley will need to have more than just one game plan going into this fight. Everyone is expecting Manny Pacquiao to blast Bradley out but I don’t think it will be easy. I expect Manny to win but it will be an exciting fight,” he added.




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