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Brock Lesnar Appears at UFC 146 and Sparks Rumors of a Return

Brock Lesnar, who returned to World Wrestling Entertainment in early April after Wrestlemania 28, materialized on screen at UFC 146 on Saturday night . UFC President Dana White acknowledged Lesnar’s presence during a press conference. White remarked he would be vulnerable to the idea of Lesnar returning to UFC in the near future. Currently, Brock Lesnar is still with Vince McMahon, though his current storyline calls for Lesnar to tout his departure from WWE, after breaking Triple H‘s arm and quitting the company. But wrestling fans shouldn’t worry, Lesnar signed a contract with WWE and he signed for approximately 25-30 dates over the next year . The current “quit WWE” storyline is a way for the company to keep Lesnar off television and save his contractual obligations. The contemporary consideration is for Lesnar to clash with Triple H at Summerslam in August.

As a wrestling enthusiast for the last 20 years, I find it difficult to accept that Vince McMahon would allow one of his crowning men to risk severe injury by working a UFC event. It was published that Lesnar signed a contract worth five million dollars. Vince McMahon is a steadfast business person and is not going to burn his time and money investment by allowing Lesnar to labor for UFC. I tend to conclude Lesnar was displayed on UFC 146 for two reasons. One, it will get mainstream headlines for the UFC, which has been struggling since leaving Spike TV. Obviously Lesnar’s appearance garners attention and births questions, all which will be journalized by news outlets across the nation. Secondly, his appearance on UFC 146 also serves his WWE storyline positively. It gets wrestling addicts to believe that the “Lesnar quit WWE” storyline is legit. And while most wrestling fans can see the smoke and mirrors, it’s the perfect way to weave fiction and reality.

The UFC and the WWE seem to have a light working arrangement, whereas both companies are loosely functioning together to get buzz for their respective product. Several years ago The Undertaker surfaced on a UFC after show, staring down Brock Lesnar. Nothing came of the confrontation, but the sports world was buzzing for days, obviously giving both companies some attention. It seems these two companies are satisfied with working together when it benefits both sides.

In closing, Ultimate Fighting fans and World Wrestling Entertainment fans should not read too much into this event. Despite the storyline, Lesnar is under contract to Vince McMahon until Wrestlemania 29. In my opinion, you probably have a better gamble at seeing pigs fly than seeing Brock Lesnar in the octagon in the next year.


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7 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar Appears at UFC 146 and Sparks Rumors of a Return

  1. MMA is something you don’t do 90% Brock, but I hope you come back!

    Posted by jumpingpolarbear | May 28, 2012, 12:33 pm
  2. Fantastic article.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

    Posted by best martial arts | May 31, 2012, 10:10 pm


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