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WWE Smackdown: Why Sin Cara Is a Risk WWE Should Take

On July 18, 2011, Sin Cara was suspended for his first violation of the WWE wellness policy. On August 12, WWE brought Sin Cara back early from suspension, but the man under the mask wasn’t the original Sin Cara (Ignascio Urive Alvirde), but Hunico (Jorge Arias).

Hunico (the new Sin Cara) would eventually turn heel by attacking Daniel Bryan after a match on the September 2, 2011 episode of Smackdown. The next week, Hunico claimed that he is the “real Sin Cara.”

We found out what Hunico meant two weeks later, when the original Sin Cara returned and confronted Hunico. The following week, Hunico changed his blue attire to black and accused Sin Cara of stealing his previous identity—Mistico, while wrestling in Mexico—and that it was only fair that he did the same.

A match was set for Hell In A Cell 2011: Sin Cara Azul (original) vs Sin Cara Negro (Hunico). Sin Cara Azul was victorious. Two weeks later, the two Sin Caras faced off in a mask vs. mask match in Mexico City. The original Sin Cara defeated and unmasked Hunico.

The two men would later face each other at Survivor Series 2011 in a tag match—where Sin Cara suffered an injury that has kept him out of action ever since.

Sin Cara plans to return this upcoming Friday on Smackdown. While many fans are excited to see him return to action, other fans are not as enthusiastic. Some fans claim that Sin Cara’s wellness policy violation, infamous botches and injury are enough reason for WWE to give up on Sin Cara.

I beg to differ. Sin Cara is a risk WWE should take.

Sin Cara is a unique, high-risk/potential high-reward wrestler. This is what made him a better Sin Cara than Hunico. While Hunico played it safe and executed moves we’ve seen in WWE for years, Sin Cara hasn’t been afraid to take risks or do something new and original.

Just look at the performance he gave at Money In The Bank 2011 during Smackdown’s eight-man ladder match for evidence of his great potential. I attended the event and have watched the match several times on DVD, and I can see no visible botches worthy of criticism.

When I watch Sin Cara’s performance in that Money In The Bank ladder match, all I see is flawless, high-risk, awe-inspiring brilliance.

Pro wrestling is a two-way street. If wrestlers can’t work with Sin Cara, perhaps WWE should add some wrestlers to the roster who can. Albert Einstein once said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Make the connection.





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