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TNA Files Lawsuit Against WWE over leaked information

Wrestling icon and legendary sex-haver Ric Flair has left TNA, according to multiple reports, and is in the process of negotiating his return to WWE in a non-wrestling capacity. In response, Hulk Hogan has booked matches against himself for the next 6 months of Impact. Kidding, kidding…

In what WWE’s legal counsel will deny is related news, TNA filed a lawsuit against WWE for allegedly poaching their talent. TNA claims that onetime employee Brian Wittenstein leaked confidential terms of its wrestlers’ contracts, including Flair’s, to benefit WWE during negotiations. “The disclosure exposes TNA to potential liability with respect to its contract — WWE knows the details of TNA’s contractual relationships with its wrestling talent, which could allow WWE to place itself in the right place, at the right time, with an offer to TNA’s talent at just the right place,” the lawsuit says.


WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt acknowledged that Wittenstein leaked information after WWE hired him, but maintains that Wittenstein was fired after the leak and that TNA was subsequently informed about the contract information that had been illegally shared.

A restraining order has been issued disallowing WWE from using any of Wittenstein’s information to negotiate with TNA wrestlers. I know what you’re wondering and no, WWE is not holding David Otunga on retainer.

In other TNA-centric news, Hulk’s daughter Brooke, with TNA stars ODB and Velvet Sky in tow, joined the brain trust that is the Fox and Friends morning show for an almost unwatchable five minutes in a wrestling ring outside Fox News HQ in midtown Manhattan. Hogan, an important TNA person now, actually comes off poised and reasonable next to insufferable hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, but I still bet you can’t sit through more than two minutes of this. No one thinks to ask what ODB stands for.






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